Ask: Who Are Your Influences?

Ask: Who Are Your Influences?

September 17, 2019 0 By Purpose
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To learn how to discern friend from foe in the world

examine how

your foe will speak to your weakness, and your friend will speak to your strength.The Allies of Humanity Book Three, Fourth Briefing: Hidden Powers

To detect who are your influences:

Measure the noise from broadcast radio, t.v., social media as a percentage of your day:

Are you listening to music right now?

Is the t.v. on right now?

Do you listen to playlists or radio when walking or driving?

Did you find this article on social media?

You who broadcast everything out into space around you will have to realize that to be free, you must be discreet. This is a great lesson for humanity to learn as it stands at the threshold of a universe full of intelligent life. —The Allies of Humanity Book Four, First Briefing: Who We Are and What We Represent

Note observations about how you are now being influenced:

What are you listening for?

What are you seeking?

What is that itch that craves background noise?

What sounds like noise and how do you filter it out?

What are persistent questions arise?

What thoughts or scenes play through your mind?

Air out the weeping wounds that just won’t heal

How hard is it to face yourself, to contemplate?

What are you trying to prove?

To whom do you wish to prove anything?

Listen for a greater freedom

There is practical freedom to live your life without overdue restraint or domination, practical freedom to live with stability and security, without the constant threat of war or overbearing corruption. This is the foundational freedom, and it is so very important. It is the first thing that must be established.

Then there is the greater spiritual freedom of the individual to begin their return to the Divine and to gain access to the deeper Knowledge that God has created in all individuals, in all races in the universe who are living in Separation in physical reality.

This greater freedom is the calling of individuals, and it is limited by the fundamental freedoms they may have in their respective worlds and cultures. But the greater freedom is the ultimate freedom because the Power of Heaven can move through these individuals in service to others and, through the great Networks of the Wise, foster freedom and Knowledge in the entire Greater Community. –The Allies of Humanity Book Four, Fourth Briefing: Higher Powers



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