When You Know You Know

When You Know You Know

January 1, 2014 0 By Purpose
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Secret #85 - When you know you know“When you know, you know. And your choice is made already. It is this experience that you will want to seek out in your decision making at this point. Decisions made without this are merely presumptions. They may have great emotion but they do not have a foundation. Those who have purpose are not burdened with decision.” — Secrets of Heaven, Secret #84

I have a friend who likes to analyze his life’s decisions ad nauseum. He can write for hours on the pros and cons of each choice he is about to make.

His career, his relationships and his vacation destination are all scrutinized, detail by detail, with his powerful brain.

He feels as if he is being very thorough, very prudent and very smart. He even consults with me and other friends with his decision making process so that he gets it “right”.

He is earnest, humble and has a sincere desire to serve the world.

But he is missing the deeper current in his life. By analyzing to death his decisions, he is relying upon his brain solely to generate the best choice. He doesn’t really Know. Knowing requires little thought – you just know. Because when you know you Know.

He doesn’t Know what he Knows about his life — where he came from, why he is here and where he is going after this life. This is very normal and yet it’s very far from our greater life, our greater Self and out greater purpose for being alive.

Assuming when you know you know

Decisions made without knowing what you know are just assumptions. As the quote above from Secrets of Heaven says, “Decisions made without this are merely presumptions. They may have great emotion but they do not have a foundation.”

I had a high school teacher who always scolded me when I assumed that he knew what I knew. He said, “To assume makes an ass out of you and me.” Get it? Assume = “ass” + “u” + “me”. Assumptions do no one any good.

steps-to-knowledge-coverAnd that’s the point behind the quote above. Decisions made without knowing what you know, are simply mentally intricate assumptions. They help us feel better but really are far away from our purpose in life.

So, how do we know? By stilling the mind and going deep into what we feel through meditation. The Steps to Knowledge is a meditation course designed to get us in touch with Knowledge, that deeper knowing of our lives.


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