What Kind Of Metal Are You Made Of?

What Kind Of Metal Are You Made Of?

July 18, 2018 0 By BeyondEarth
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We have been born into incredibly difficult times. Yes, we have been blessed to live in a world rich with resources. But that was then. Today, necessities are diminishing at an alarming rate.

But out beyond our borders to space, there is an even more alarming reality. We are emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life–and most of humanity does not want to know about this. But we are talking about you. What kind of metal are you made of?

How Can We Deal With A Problem Unless We Face it?

I have always had a scrappy side to me. I have always felt that if I knew what I was up against then there was a way that I could confront and deal with it. I have only come to feel more certain about this since becoming a student of Knowledge. Knowledge within me–the Great Endowment that God has placed within all sentient beings–has given me a greater sense of my own reason for coming into the world today. And it has everything to do with the Greater Community.

A Challenge Like None Humanity Has Faced Before

It was only a matter of time before we met our neighbors from the Greater Community. And it appears that their behavior is much like our own. The ones who are visiting us are resource explorers from races that have destroyed their planets–just as we are destroying Earth—and they are looking for planets that can supply their needs. This is perfectly understandable—but this is our sovereign planet, not theirs.

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans,” Hawking says. “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.” – Steven Hawking, Newsweek Magazine

Facing A New Reality Takes A Deeper Strength And Courage

I have to admit that at first I was a bit freaked with the idea that we have alien neighbors interfering in our world. But not liking an idea is not reason for rejecting it. I felt a great resonance with the truth about this Intervention–as stated in the Allies of Humanity, Book 1by Marshall Vian Summers. There is power in coming to terms with a reality–beyond our own ideas and beliefs. It is also empowering to realize that we have no choice if we want to maintain our freedom and sovereignty in our world. What kind of metal are you made of?


“When you can begin to have the courage… to face this and consider this and stay with it, already you begin to turn a corner within yourself— a corner from weakness to strength, from hopelessness to a deeper certainty and conviction.” – Rise Up – Marshall Vian Summers

What kind of metal are you made ofStepping Up To A Deeper Calling Is The Path To Self-Trust And Self-Love

My recognition of contact with other races is growing. And as I step forward rather than shrink back from this reality, my self-trust and self-love are growing as well. I know I have come to serve humanity as it makes this difficult transition into the Greater Community. I know something and am acting on that knowing. This is both empowering and redemptive. If you are meant to be a participant at this time, you are meant to contribute and not just to react from the side-lines.

Only A Select Few Can See Our Future Emerging

Only a select few see this reality. It is not obvious to all, but those few are very important to the future of our race as we emerge out of our sheltered home into the larger neighborhood. We must be of a strong metal, forged in a hot furnace, to take this on–but the rewards are the redemption of those parts of ourselves that we have been in search of all our lives. To take up the purpose we have come for is the most redemptive work we can engage in. It takes great courage and self-honesty–but haven’t we been looking for the opportunity to test and flex these muscles? What kind of metal are you made of?

“We know from our experience that the greatest demonstration of people’s spirit and will is at times of calamity… This is where humanity shines. This is the front-line of life and it’s also the front-line of our 
spirituality. Otherwise, people retire to some kind of spiritual suburbia and only want to be happy and think of themselves. There’s no life there. There’s no inspiration.” – Rise Up – Marshall Vian Summers

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