Uniting Humanity–Vision or Pipe Dream?

Uniting Humanity–Vision or Pipe Dream?

November 2, 2018 3 By BeyondEarth
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 Is It Possible to Unite Humanity?

I often feel very pessimistic when considering the prospect of uniting humanity. We look so divided and our perspectives on how to solve the world’s problem so fractured. Yet when I have time to sit in silence and contemplate the world passing by before me—as I did recently on a park bench on an early morning walk—I saw people being kind to each other, greeting each other, being courteous to each other and to me.

When I watch humanity from this quiet pensive place I see a hopeful trend that is missing when I get caught up in the media’s depiction of division and violence in our society. This is not to say that the underbelly of humanity is not present but there is another humanity with higher aspirations that is also moving in the world.

How Does World Unity Happen?

If Not Me, Who?

Recently I took a closer look at my own inner desire to end the divisiveness and isolation that I feel around political issues. If I can’t rise above my need to make others wrong for their differing opinions then how can I expect this world to come together? I realize that the world I see is truly a reflection of my own inner turmoil and confusion concerning how to go forward toward a more united humanity. There is no doubt in my mind that our planetary problems demand that we unite humanity to solve them but can I, as a single individual, make a difference by ending divisiveness within myself and with others?

“For humanity to become unified, individuals must become unified, within themselves and with other people. This is how a new fabric of unity is established. The great tapestry of life is woven strand by strand, person by person.” —Marshall Summers – How Does World Unity Happen?

My Individual Effort Does Make A Difference


On considering my own inner spiritual practice I see that Knowledge—the deep inner guidance system that imbues all intelligent life—is at work within me. But often I am more interested in other things and fall back in my old judgmental ways. If I can catch myself before beating myself up, I see myself as a microcosm of the behavior of the world and have compassion for this person—me—who really does want to make a positive difference.

As I often fail, the world often fails but I will not give up. I know that my efforts to end divisiveness in myself makes a difference to our tragic world in need. And as the world makes its way, micro step by micro step towards uniting humanity and away from the precipice of extinction, it also supports me in my inner work. We are that connected, the world and me and you and me…

“As you see Knowledge guiding you into effective action, you will see Knowledge in the world guiding others into effective action. Thus, as you learn to have compassion towards yourself, you will learn to have compassion towards the world. As you witness your own unfoldment, you will witness the world’s unfoldment.” Steps to Knowledge – Step #348 -Marshall Vian Summers

Knowledge in the world

This Is Not My Mess To Clean Up

Of course I can sit back and wait for others who are holier than me and more qualified than me to do the work of uniting humanity. But I have known for the last 13 years that this is my work. I have come to the world to make a difference. The world is a mess in many ways. I am a mess in many ways. We grew up together and now–as I am maturing and have more to offer my world in need–I am putting greater effort into ending separation within me and between myself and others.

Have no doubt about it, humanity is peering over the precipice of extinction. This is the great turning point–if we can make it. I am calling to each of you who read this, though you may be few. Know that the effort each of us makes to withhold judgement and move toward uniting humanity has the power to move us toward a better and more evolved future.

uniting humanity has the power to move us toward a better and more evolved future.

You Can’t Be Assured A Happy Ending, But It Is Ours To Do Anyway

And what are the consequences if we do not unite? If you feel it is a lost cause then you may be throwing up your hands and going out for another drink. But I cannot do that. I came for this time and despite all odds I know I must make this effort anyway. We must “Do it anyway.”  For the sake of our children and future generations of this world and all others, “Let’s do it anyway!”

“Do not think this is for someone else. Do not think such things are only left up to people who are great, who are heroes or heroines. No, this is your responsibility. This is your calling—to become stronger than you are or ever could be as an individual.” – Marshall Summers

How Does World Unity Happen?

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