Serve the Truth

Serve the Truth

August 11, 2014 0 By Purpose
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serve the truth

To serve the Truth.What does that mean?

How can I serve the truth? How can I know the truth, let alone serve it?

Everyone knows the truth when they experience it. The truth is not an idea – it’s a feeling.

The feeling of doing what is right is the truth. And similarly, doing what you were meant to do is a feeling of truth.

Anyone who has worked enough jobs in life knows that there are two types of jobs:

  1. The Untrue job that you hate because it worries you, taxes you, frustrates you, drags on forever and leaves you feeling wasted. Even if the job pays a lot of money, this type of work leaves you feeling worn out and stressed out. This is not the truth.
  2. The True job that inspires you, invigorates you, excites you, motivates you, pushes you to new heights of achievement, gives you satisfaction and makes time fly. This is a job closer closer to your real function and purpose in the world. This job serves the truth of your being.

To Serve the Truth Is to Serve God

Interestingly, God, and religion have a lot to say about how to serve the Truth:

God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.  (John 4:24)

Christianity puts the onus on the believer to not only seek God and worship Him, but to also worship and seek the Truth. This puts an onus of responsibility on Christians to do more than just pray and believe. It calls for action and to serve the Truth in the world in a way that is true and meaningful for each unique individual.

The New Message from God, through the meditation course Steps to Knowledge, is also calling forth this truth which is sleeping and ever-present inside every individual to come out and be expressed:

IT IS YOUR GREATEST JOY, it is your greatest happiness and it is your greatest contentment to finally serve the truth. Your past has been frustrated and dismal because you have attempted to serve things without foundation and meaning. You have attempted to identify with things without purpose and direction. This has rendered to you the feeling that you have no purpose, meaning or direction. Feel happy now that you can represent the truth and serve the truth, for the truth gives you all that is true. It gives you purpose, meaning and direction which are what you have sought in all of your engagements, relationships, activities and endeavors. This is what you have sought in all of your fantasies, in all of your concerns and in all of your hopes. Step 349 from Steps to Knowledge 

When we can get to the point where we can feel the Truth inside of us, then we can follow it, serve it and express it through our unique design and function.

This, in my experience, is what leads to true meaning and purpose in life. This is what leads me to feel completely used in a proper and fully appropriate way. This is what leads me to have great faith and knowledge that there is a Greater Force in the world and a small part of this greater force lives inside of me.

To serve the truth is to serve a Greater force

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