There Is A Purpose For My Presence Here

There Is A Purpose For My Presence Here

June 21, 2018 3 By BeyondEarth
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Why Did You Come Into The World?

Consider that you came into the world to meet your spouse, perhaps raise some children, own a large house and pursue as much happiness as is possible in one life time. Is that all there is? Perhaps you are old enough to remember this cynical song from the 60’s.

If this were all that I came for, I don’t know how I could face each new day. My life MUST be for something. It MUST have meaning. As I look around me it is obvious that our world and our race are in great trouble. I came for this. Why did you come into the world?

There Is A New Message From God In The World

Religious Rulers during the Inquisition

In the Name of God…

Yes, there is a good chance that these words raise cynicism in you. We have all been disappointed or even horrified by religion in our lives. After being raised Catholic, I remember learning as an adult about the 800 years of the Inquisition and the horror that was imposed on so many at that time––in the name of God! But I would like to propose that God had nothing to do with this.

It was human corruption of a pure Revelation that was given by God and meant to bring positive change for humanity. Christianity was just one of these religions given at a very difficult time in our evolution. If you are alert to the signs of the world, humanity is now facing another challenging time––the real possibility of its extinction. At this time, a loving God would send a New Revelation.

Inquisition torture to Guantanamo torture

Did I Come for This?

In fact, the God of all Creation is a loving God and has not left us alone but has sent a New Revelation through a New Messenger into our world.

“God has spoken again because the world is facing its greatest travails, its most difficult challenges…

God has spoken again because humanity has plundered the world and is now facing a predicament that could lead to great deprivation and conflict.

God has spoken again because religion has failed to find its unity, except amongst a very few individuals and organizations.”  God Has Spoken Again , Chapter 4 – by Marshall Vian Summers

Will You Meet Its Messenger?

The Messenger is a humble man who has devoted most of his adult life to receiving this huge body of Revelation (over 9,000 pages). Many of those years he had very little support except for his wife and a handful of devoted followers. He has had to carry the burden of knowing that this was a New Message from God, destined to be given to all of humanity but without enough followers or finances to make this happen.

The Path Leads This Way

the Path Leads this Way

Only in the last decade have things begun to move and a larger World Wide Community begun to grow. It is good, for this Revelation must reach its larger audience for humanity to have its chance to receive it and engage with it. Many people know that they have come for a greater purpose and are seeking for this Message and this Messenger.

So, why did you come into the world? Are you one who knows that God would not leave humanity alone at this time of its greatest need? Are you one who is meant to know the Messenger?

“This is the challenge of meeting the Messenger. He brings a whole new reality with him, in him, around him and through him—a reality that humanity is not yet mature enough to face collectively. Only individuals will be ready for him, for they have been made ready through their life experience, through disillusionment and disappointment and other things.

There are many people waiting for the New Revelation. They must know of the Messenger, for he is the demonstration that the Power and the Presence has come back into the world.

To see this, you must look with clear eyes. You must listen. You must listen with a deeper listening. You must allow the power of Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within you, to respond.”  The New Messenger, Chapter 4 – by Marshall Vian Summers

Life’s Misfits––Until We Found The Right Fit

Many of us who have found God’s New Revelation never felt we belonged in this world. We are those who have been searching all our lives for a purpose, meaning and direction for being here. Upon finding this gift, we knew immediately that it was what we had been looking for all along. I cannot promise this for you. You may not be one of the first responders, but you will not know unless you look.

Come This Way

This Way…

The Messenger is an older man now and the many years of receiving the Revelation have been physically and emotionally demanding. He will not be in the world much longer. You will be blessed if you can know him in his time on Earth.

“Hear him. Receive him. Be honest. You do not know who he is or what he brings yet until you give this your honest, objective consideration—being willing to be challenged, being willing to reconsider your ideas, being willing to think again where you stand and what is real and what is happening in your life and the world around you.”  The New Messenger, Chapter 8 – by Marshall Vian Summers

Is That All There Is?

Why did you come into the world? Perhaps you did not come just to pursue your own fulfillment and happiness. Perhaps you come from a much Greater Reality than you yet remember?

“You are a visitor within the world, and your participation here must exemplify your greater life beyond the world. In this way, the world is blessed and fulfilled. In this way, you will not betray yourself, for you were born of a greater life, and Knowledge is abiding with you to remind you of this.”  Steps To Knowledge – The Book of Inner Knowing, Step 295 – by Marshall Vian Summers




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