Purpose Always Has a Calling

Purpose Always Has a Calling

June 8, 2016 1 By Purpose
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Purpose always has a calling. Indeed, the function of purpose is the response to a calling. You cannot understand your purpose without acting upon it. This action will call for perhaps a greater participation and understanding than you have ever known. – from “Secrets of Heaven,” Secret #83

Purpose has a callingMost people, myself included, want to understand the purpose before taking action. For example, I want to know the full plan before I act upon it. That’s only logical, right?

However, the approach offered by the Secrets of Heaven (a book of over 200 Spiritual Secrets) is completely different. Rather then having the mind be in control and directing our lives, we are gently urged to let go of the steering wheel. In fact, we are told to give up control. More than God being our co-pilot, this Secret reveals that Knowledge – the divine spirit within us, is the real pilot.

But we just can’t leave our minds behind. I, especially with many years of education under my belt, can’t throw away the mind. So there has to be a way to bring the mind of along gently and ween it away from its perceived role as “the boss.”

The mind is a wonderful instrument to navigate this world. In fact, we can’t be here without it. But we can’t let it run our life. There is a happy medium between being led by the mind and being led by Spirit. That’s where the spiritual training in Steps to Knowledge comes in:

Steps to Knowledge is a reclamation of who you are and why you are here because purpose always has a calling. Just like the Secret tells us. Stillness is the opportunity to return to the Mystery. All the great practices are pathways to return to the Mystery without losing your foundation in the manifestation. For you cannot have one without the other and be complete. – Marshall Vian Summers, author of Steps to Knowledge, during the 2016 Steps to Knowledge Vigil, June 4th, Day #10

The secret above says that to discover our purpose, we have to respond to a calling. What does that mean exactly? For me, responding to a calling has always been a strong reaction to do something in response to something I observe in the world.

For me, that calling was usually around environmental issues, sustainability, and the preservation of the earth’s natural resources. I always knew that change in these areas was needed for the benefit of everyone and I felt called to act. And so I worked on environmental related projects most of my life. I didn’t know if this was my purpose, but I acted anyway.

What have you felt called to do in this world? Purpose always has a calling.

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