People Think They Know the Truth

People Think They Know the Truth

January 17, 2016 2 By Purpose
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People think they know the truth of who they are

“The Freedom Journey” from the New Message from God

When I reveal to people that I meditate in order to find greater purpose in life, they often ask, “So, tell me: what have you found? What is your purpose?”

That is the mind’s response: tell me what purpose is. Let’s define it, analyze it and discuss it. People think they know the truth.

Believe me, I would tell them what my purpose was if finding it were so easy. But purpose is not fixed and static. Purpose can’t be clearly defined because the world is constantly changing, it’s challenges and opportunities aren’t fixed.

The mind likes to think it knows the truth of our lives and our purpose for living. But it’s not so easy because the mind is shaped by the culture, social norms and technology in which it grew and developed. The New Message’s revelation on freedom has helped me to see this:

“People think they know the truth. They think they know what they want because they are trying to use the intellect to determine the purpose, the course and the direction of their life. But the intellect is a temporary thing, a marvelous instrument it is for communication and evaluation, but it cannot discern the greater truth about your life—why you are here and who sent you. For this you must go beyond ideas, beliefs and assumptions into a deeper experience.” — Marshall Vian Summers, The Freedom Journey

If my life purpose were fixed and clearly defined, then what would my life be for once my purpose was clearly achieved? Time for suicide? Of course not!

In my experience, purpose is felt in response to experiences with the world and other people: something inspires me, something outrages me, or someone moves me to tears. I can’t feel my purpose without the world stimulating me.

My Children Are My Purpose

I have many friends who, like me, have children and they all point to them as their reason for working and living. It is their life purpose, as far as they can discern it. They ask, “Isn’t raising our children the purpose of life?”

Obviously, children can’t be our sole purpose in life. Just ask any “empty nest” couple whose children grew up and moved away from home. What is those parents’ purpose now?

Clearly, our purpose is beyond simply taking care of our family.

The New Message makes it clear that our purpose is to support some higher goal for life here on Earth that is part of a grander plan beyond caring for family, and which is beyond our immediate comprehension:

“Fundamentally, the expression of a higher purpose is your service to God and to humanity and the world. This transcends your service to yourself or your service to your immediate family. You still provide service for yourself and your family to a certain degree, but the priority shifts to a higher level now.” — Marshall Vian Summers, The Freedom Journey

If these words resonate with you and if you know you are here to do something important, in concert with other people, then the New Message may be able to help you. It provides a pathway to discover life purpose called Steps to Knowledge and offers a forum and a free school to discuss one’s discoveries with others.

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