Life Purpose Springs From Our Relationship With God

Life Purpose Springs From Our Relationship With God

April 5, 2018 0 By BeyondEarth
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How Is Relationship Related To Life Purpose?

Is there anything more important to us–humanity–than Relationship? It is what we all dream and scheme about––the perfect relationship. Why is it so important?

“The New Message from God is about relationships. I know this is important to you because most people in the world are inordinately interested in relationships. It’s what they think about, talk about, what gives them joy, what gives them pain… We’re all about relationship because we have come from a place of complete relationship—our Ancient Home.” — Marshall Vian Summers, “Our Relationship With God”

If it is so important to us and we put so much effort and time into it, why do so few people actually find fulfilling relationship here in the world? Perhaps we’ve failed to establish our most primary relationship—our relationship with God.

“You have a relationship with God, and because you are in the world, you are here for a purpose…For you to experience your relationship with God, you must realize that you have come from a place of reality to establish that reality in a place where it has been forgotten and denied. This is your purpose.” — Relationships And Higher Purpose – Marshall Vian Summers

And if you’re like me, in my past life, you’ll think, “Well, nice, I have a relationship with God,” and then shelve it. But—what if this is our most primary relationship and without it we do not really have the foundation for establishing healthy relationships elsewhere? What if the value of relationship—ALL relationship—is based on what we can do together?

My Relationship With God Is About Accomplishing Something–TOGETHER

So our relationship with God is not about an hour at church on Sunday or enlightened conversations with our spiritual friends. No––what if it is about what God and we can do together? So relationship with God is actually about our being called to this world––that is beset by challenges––to take action in service to the world. And our relationship with God makes our service possible as God has endowed us––and all other forms of intelligent life in the universe––with Knowledge, the mind of God deep within us. But it doesn’t end there. We must work to reclaim this relationship with Knowledge. It is the part of us that has never been separated from God—but we have forgotten it. Our contribution to this world relies on the guidance of Knowledge within us.

Therefore, you have come from your Ancient Home to a place of work. Your work in the world is in two arenas. One is the transformation of your experience of yourself and your relationships, and the other is the rendering of your specific contribution to the world. — Relationships And Higher Purpose – Marshall Vian Summers

The Mind Of God Within

I speak here about Knowledge, that mysterious mind beneath the personal mind. This is the mind that we must be still to access, be still to come to know. And our relationship with God depends on providing this still meeting place as the fertile ground for that still, small voice to provide guidance for this life purpose we have come to fulfill. God has also provided the means to reclaim Knowledge given in the form of a book, Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing, by Marshall Vian Summers

How Does My Primary Relationship with God Serve My Primary Love Interest in This World?

“If you can see that God is an experience and not merely a grand idea, you will be able to see the connection between your relationship with God and your relationship with others. You will see that your relationship with God enables you to be in relationship with others in a real way. You will see that your devotion to God enables you to be devoted to others…You will see that your capacity to experience the love of God will determine your capacity to experience love with others.” — Relationships And Higher Purpose – Marshall Vian Summers

I’ve Been Burned By Love Too Many Times

Perhaps you have been wounded by relationship and have decided that you will not enter this arena again. However, it is far better to seek healing in this primary relationship as this lays the foundation for all others. It is useless to give up on relationship because life is relationship.

“Your only interest is in relationship. You may believe from your unhappy experiences in attempting communication with others that it is not worth the effort. However, you will never give up.” – Secrets of Heaven, #60 – Marshall Vian Summers


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