Life Purpose Advice from Hunter S. Thompson

Life Purpose Advice from Hunter S. Thompson

June 26, 2014 1 By Purpose
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Hunter S. Thompson

A friend recently pointed to this letter from famous 20th century journalist Hunter S. Thompson who gave life purpose advice to a friend who sought his counsel.

At first, Thompson sets the ground properly by advising that no human can tell another human what their life purpose is. Only an individual, through careful inner listening to their God-given inner Knowledge, over time, and many patient steps, may be able to discern the soft voice of their true purpose and direction in life.

Thompson then uses Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a foil to argue for and against going with the flow of life or swimming upstream, which is alright. The trick is which voice do we follow? Some voices will urge us to take the easy path and other voices in life will urge us to go upstream.

This is where he loses track with what is never changing, always consistent within us and serves as our true compass in life. Because going with the flow is not necessarily incorrect and swimming upstream is not necessarily more noble or more purposeful for our lives. It really depends on each person’s life and what they are destined to do.

It is only by following the sure voice inside that we can know what our life purpose is. Oftentimes, that voice is easiest to hear when we are young and before our minds have been programmed to value worldly things like money, prestige and power.

Thompson writes, “When you were young, let us say that you wanted to be a fireman. I feel reasonably safe in saying that you no longer want to be a fireman. Why? Because your perspective has changed. It’s not the fireman who has changed, but you.”

He isn’t accounting for that within us which never changes, despite our advancing years and despite our formal education and training of the mind.

Knowledge within us never changes and is fundamentally beyond the mind. Knowledge is connected to our True selves that lives a Greater Life in a Greater Community beyond this one life on this one planet. Ultimately, we have all come here for a purpose and that purpose is contained in our Knowledge.

That’s why people seek life purpose advice — they KNOW they are here for a reason and that reason is not contained in their mind.

The Only True Life Purpose Advice: Seek Knowledge

Steps to KnowledgeUltimately, being who we really are, beyond the mind and beyond any social conditioning, will make us the most happy. Goals, plans and dreams are all nothing to Knowledge. Knowledge is on a mission and it is our life purpose to fulfill that Knowledge of what we are here to do. Nothing could make us happier.

So, the question may come, if you’re still reading: “How do I hear this Knowledge you speak of?”

The New Message has provided a pathway of sacred Steps to Knowledge, which if practiced honestly and faithfully, will provide you with great insights, knowledge and the life purpose advice that you seek.


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