October 20, 2017 2 By Jeffrey Adler
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I, Me, Mine

Individualism is, of course, highly valued in Western culture. While any true spiritual development starts with the individual, the value of that development is only realized through relationship, through participation.

“There is no power in being an individual. It is a powerless state, for its basis cannot be rejuvenated. You are rejuvenated constantly because you are part of something greater that feeds you.” —Secrets of Heaven: Mystery Teachings of the Angels by Marshall Vian Summers

Bearing Gifts

The value of individualism is in the inherent strengths and weaknesses that each person brings to bear in the world. It is through interdependence that individuals’ qualities generate a whole that exceeds the sum of its parts. “As a Sufi saying goes, each person has a unique note in the universal symphony; no one can strike yours except you.” —The Hidden Gospel by Neil Douglas-Klotz

“Your individual nature and temperament are well-suited to fulfill your function, but if your function is unknown to you, then you will not understand their relevance. […] Gain access to what is known within you, this precious cargo that you carry unknowingly. […] You are progressing towards something for some reason to serve some greater force.” Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume OneChapter 3: “Greater Community”

Some Greater Force

How does this function become known? What is this greater force? Knowledge is the latter. Reclaiming it is the former.

“You cannot activate yourself. You cannot initiate yourself. It takes someone else, a greater force—either through an individual or a greater force in life—to do that. You cannot enlighten yourself. You cannot even take yourself through the essential initiations towards that realization.” Being A Greater Community Person

Context Is Everything                                               

Rarely, if ever, does understanding come in advance of the experience. The individual who is free of past-referencing, free of judgment; who is unburdened of needless relationships and/or possessions can participate in the world with clear eyes and an open heart.

“What brings Knowledge forth is meaningful engagement with others and meaningful participation in life. […] It is when you are meaningfully engaged with others, in relationship with them and in relationship with life, that there is the greatest possibility for Knowledge to emerge within you.” Greater Community Spirituality; Chapter 22: “Where Can Knowledge Be Found?”

Pockets Empty, Heart Full

Each person in the world today is an individual expression of a Greater Reality. It is through the applied study of Steps to Knowledge, the Book of Inner Knowing, by Marshall Vian Summers, that the individual can find purpose, meaning and direction, thus furthering the world in the evolution of its rightful path.

“If you do not activate Knowledge in your life, your life is a lost opportunity. This you will reflect upon when you leave.” Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One

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