In Search of a New God Experience

In Search of a New God Experience

December 12, 2018 0 By BeyondEarth
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A Future Unlike Our Past

Many are in search of a new God experience. Where is God at this most difficult time in human history? Where are the Religious leaders who should be leading us to greater integrity and individual responsibility that is required at this time? Many people are wondering where God is as we peer out over the horizon at a darkening future–unlike anything we have faced in our past. We would like to call on God but have no experience of a God that has addressed a dilemma of these proportions–especially one of our own making.

“People around the world are seeking a New God experience. Their religions have become dry and brittle, empty, formulaic, repetitive, but lacking the essence and the substance and the true relationship…” The New God Experience – Marshall Vian Summers

Many are coming to realize that technology—which had a big part to play in getting us into this dilemma—is not up to addressing the huge world-wide problems that we are facing. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Prayers and Prostration?

Some are beginning to wonder if they should brush up on their prayers and call on the intersession of God.

“God does not need worship and prostration. God needs for you to do what you came here to do, to carry out your greater purpose for being here, which is as yet unknown to you, for it does not reside within your intellect but within a far deeper place within you, a place that few have explored.” The New God Experience – Marshall Vian Summers

The Answer Has Always Been Within Us

Where do we turn when our future on Earth looks darker than it ever has? Suicide rates are rising and there is data that shows a link to global warming and a bleaker future. Do we turn to our political leaders? It is not that they are uncaring monsters, but they do not have the answers either. It is at times like these that we go within for the answers. I look for that inner-knowing that is called Knowledge on my spiritual path.

“Humanity is at a great threshold and needs a new experience of God, an experience that comes from God directly through a power of Knowledge that God has put within each person, a greater Intelligence deep beneath the surface of your worldly mind, waiting to be discovered, the great endowment from God, a gift of unparalleled value to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to a greater life of service in the world.” The New God Experience – Marshall Vian Summers

There Is Redemption To Be Gained In Confronting Our Dilemma

That is right! I am recognizing, as things heat up, that I came to serve humanity at this difficult time. My guess is that you did also or you would not have read this far. This is a frightening time for certain, but on another level it is a time which will call forth great strength and courage from each of us and this has potential to develop, in each of us, the people we have always wanted to be. I have always wanted to like myself and find myself worthy of my own love. Stepping up to serve at this unprecedented time is developing in me a person of greater value and self-worth. But the strength and courage for this service requires a new God experience.

Moving Beyond Our Tribal Divisiveness

Perhaps you think that your religion has the answers to our world dilemma and that those who don’t follow this path are causing the problems. Perhaps you think that only this religion knows the true path to God. At times of great suffering and stress it is a common behavior to blame others for the difficulties we are experiencing. But this is a time when humanity must move past their differences, religious and other, to unite in our efforts to save our race and our planet.

“Define God and you will lose God. Admonish others’ definition of God and you will lose God. Hold on to God as an exclusive right or privilege and you will lose God.” The New God Experience – Marshall Vian Summers

Uniting For A Future That Won’t Happen Otherwise

It is not belief in a religion or religious leader that will lead us out of the difficult place we have gotten ourselves into. Amazingly, it is within each individual that we will find the answers and the guiding light that will lead us forward.

“It [Knowledge] is the core of your strength. It is the core of your power. It is the core of your inspiration. It is leading you back to the life you were meant to live. For only this can lead you there. Belief alone in a great saint or prophet cannot lead you there. You must return to what God has put within you to follow. This is the New God experience.” The New God Experience – Marshall Vian Summers

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