I Am the God of My Universe

I Am the God of My Universe

October 16, 2013 0 By Purpose
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It is very lonely to be a little god of your own universe. If you think, “I am the God of my Universe,” then you need to defend it against all others who are also little gods. Sometimes people agree that another person is the god of their universe, in their private life or in politics. What is the sense of that?

I am the God of my Universe

“I am the God of my Universe” is very misguided thinking

You have been created by God for a purpose. Your traits and innermost character have been made for a special purpose. As long as you are not moving forward towards this purpose you see these traits as a hindrance or a nuisance. You are in constant inner war. The New God can end this war. There is no war in God’s stillness or in God’s movement.

People wish to control their lives. They want to make separation work. They want to make it. But can you really be the god of your universe when there actually is a real God of the Universe out there and inside you?

Do you have any idea that this universal new God has a plan for your life? And trust me, this plan is not about you making it and beating everyone in the competition of life and dying rich and famous, or for you to be as a master consumer or a person who has consumed other people’s labor.

It does not matter how smart you are. It does not matter how strong you are. The world will always be stronger. You will die. Then what? What was all that about: the whole thing about living in this world? Did you leave the world a better place or did you leave it suffering more after your effect on it? This is what matters, when you are dead.

Do I have only this one life? How cruel would this be if you consider that some die very young. What would be the point of that? What kind of God would make this kind of nasty system?

“I am the God of my Universe” – What Purpose Would that Serve?

There cannot be a purpose for someone who claims, “I am the god of my own universe.” In this kind of illusion no purpose can exist. But since the universal God exists, also purpose exists for those who give up the illusions.

Your purpose spans many lifetimes and many relationships. It is magnificent in that sense. But how to find it? A pathway has been given by Marshall Vian Summers, a Messenger of God in our time through the Steps to Knowledge. This is a pathway of meaningful work, yes work. Not bliss or pleasure. Everyone is in this world to work, and those who understand it are the happiest.

“You may pray to God to save you, but God has sent you here to save the world, to play your small but essential part in this.”

– quote fromThe New God”

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