How Can I Find Higher Purpose in Life?

How Can I Find Higher Purpose in Life?

June 12, 2015 0 By Purpose
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Are you wondering, “How can I find higher purpose in life?” If so, you are simply following a natural feeling.

Although people get caught up in their dreams, their fantasies and their ambitions, everyone on Earth has a higher purpose.

And the fact that this higher purpose is elusive and offers no tangible benefits like fame, wealth or power, is a sign that it exists and it is true.

As evolutionary biologists like to say, there is no advantage in life to finding and fulfilling higher purpose.

When expressing a higher purpose, there is no benefit to finding a mate and generating offspring, unless your mate is also aware of their higher purpose. In this case, a true marriage of destiny may be formed.

Young man with question signs over his head, in white backgroundHow Can I find Higher Purpose in Life When All I Want is Money?

Beyond all the desires for comfort, pleasure and happiness, there is a persistent need for people to find higher purpose in life.

Once you get past your own mind, which constantly demands money, safety and security, there is persistent calling for you to do something in your life.

Where does this come from? Our higher purpose is a Mystery, and rightfully so! If we could know our higher purpose, it would destroy us if we saw and learned how far we actually are from it.

Luckily, there is a safe way to approach knowing our higher purpose. This path is known as the Steps to Knowledge:

“The gift is within you. The Way of Knowledge is here. The Way can only be known. For it to be known, you must have a foundation in Knowledge. That is why we take the Steps to Knowledge. It is not a matter of opinion or viewpoint. It is a matter of recognizing the truth face to face and experiencing it deeply. Therefore, for those who can see, hear and respond, there is a “Way” to find what you most deeply know and what you are here to do.” — Marshall Vian Summers, author of Steps to Knowledge

Following your natural inclinations will lead you naturally to ask, “How Can I find Higher Purpose in Life,” and this will lead you to take the Steps to Knowledge.

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