Greater Purpose in Life is a Destiny

Greater Purpose in Life is a Destiny

April 18, 2014 2 By Purpose
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Oh, how many times have I tried to create my future and create a greater purpose in life? Too many times to count.

I have tried to fulfill myself in the world by acquiring power, money, possessions and people. On the other hand, I have also tried to create a greater purpose in life by escaping from the world into narcotics, alcohol, spirituality, intellectualism and self-righteousness.

Each time, it never worked – no surprise there.

Greater purpose in life is a destinyAnd then I found the New Message which clarifies and explains why we can’t create our greater purpose in life. This mission was given to us before we came into the world and we must follow that call even though we don’t consciously know where it is taking us.

In fact, we have accumulated so many ideas about what we want from life and what we think our destiny is, we must first free ourselves from our past ideas, associations and commitments:

Long before this greater purpose is realized, you will be taking these steps to free yourself, to regain your lost life, to regain your power and your self-confidence. For your greater purpose is not simply a big definition. It is a destiny. But to move in the direction of your destiny, you must be freed from the past sufficiently so that you can move forward with a greater inspiration. So you begin the journey. – from the revelation “The Journey”

In order to begin to realize a greater purpose in life, we need to learn to follow the faint voice of knowledge within us rather than the loud demands of our intellect and ego.

Knowledge is the deeper wisdom and intelligence of why we have come into the world at this time and what we came here to do. The ancients called this wisdom gnosis and it is inside everyone.

Are you able to live without definitions of yourself? Can you allow your destiny to unfold in front of you – like traveling on a road you’ve never seen before?

This is the call of your ancient plan for this life. Be still, and listen within. Your greater purpose in life is calling you.

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