To End Poverty

To End Poverty

November 26, 2016 3 By Purpose
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“Your purpose is to end poverty within yourself and to assist in ending poverty in others, not just physical poverty but spiritual poverty, for that is the root of all human suffering—for the rich, for the poor.” —Marshall Vian Summers, Poverty

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful that I don’t live in physical poverty. But the poverty of the soul still lingers within me.

Just because I have plenty of food to eat, a roof over my head, clothes on my back and endless opportunities for distraction and entertainment, does not mean I have escaped poverty.

Just because I escaped physical poverty doesn’t mean life is all peaches and cream. Why is that?

How is that I have a good job, a loving family, 500 channels on TV, an infinite array of distractions online, and I still feel that something is missing, that there is more to life…

Most of you will not know what I mean. But for some you, this may strike a chord. And if it does, the New Message from God explains this condition of “inner poverty” in a new revelation.

The New Message highlights the inner poverty of my soul. The Poverty of not living with purpose and meaning. Living a life of quiet desperation; working a job and working for very little reward beyond supporting me and my family.

“Until you can find the greater voice that God has put within you to follow, you will experience poverty. Even if you have all things that you materially need, you will still be poor. Even if you live in splendor, your life will be empty, without true meaning and direction.” — Marshall Vian Summers, Poverty

This is a deeper poverty that afflicts millions of people. The extreme cases of this inner poverty is seen in addiction, criminal acts, depression and obsessive behavior. It all stems from the same inner poverty, poverty of the soul.

And for those who were less fortunate than me and yet who were still able to escape outer poverty, the New Message states that you will still not be able to escape this inner poverty:

“For so many who have escaped abject poverty will then enter a realm of personal exploration and indulgence, personal escape from the harshness of life. They will live in a world of acquisition, a world of seeking romance, a world of fantasy and self-indulgence. What has their wealth, what has their newfound affluence given them but deepening their dilemma now, for now their poverty becomes more hidden, though it still haunts them.” — Marshall Vian Summers, Poverty

Escaping poverty is everyone’s purpose in life — on one level or another. Once we have escaped outer poverty (if you’re reading this, then you have) we are all working toward eliminating inner poverty in ourselves and in others. As the New Message says:

“Here everyone has a common purpose. Though your gifts are meant for certain places and people, everyone has a common purpose whether they are religious or not, no matter what country or set of circumstances they come from.” — Marshall Vian Summers, Poverty

That is what we work towards when we quietly contemplate our actions. That is what we work towards when we build relationships of common purpose. That is what we work towards when we help others in real need of food, clothing and shelter.

This is what will end poverty in ourselves and in others. This is what life is really about. This is the only thing that can satisfy our Souls:

“If the Soul is not satisfied, nothing will satisfy you. You can own as much as you can hold and more. It will not satisfy you. You will always want more, endlessly wanting more, endlessly, because your Soul is not satisfied. It is an emptiness you cannot fill with things or with romance or with exciting adventures or with endless experiences in the world. It can only be fulfilled by recognizing the deeper intelligence that God has given you, which alone can give you the strength and the purpose to elevate your life and to lead to a greater life of service and fulfillment in the world.” — Marshall Vian Summers, Poverty

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