At The Edge Of The Precipice, Our Lives Have Greater Purpose

At The Edge Of The Precipice, Our Lives Have Greater Purpose

September 12, 2018 3 By BeyondEarth
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Do You See The Edge Of The Precipice?

Are you aware of the Great Waves that are building off our shores and the precipice that is looming on the horizon? If you live in the same world I do you would have to have your head in the sand to be able to avoid the signs that humanity has come to the edge of the precipice. In the epic times of the buffalo herds, the Native Americans would stampede these animals toward a precipice and in their fear and herd mentality they would follow each other over the edge to their death.

Do you see the edge of the precipice?

I’m sure you see the likeness to humanity’s plight at this time, but I have a question for each of you. “Will our herd mentality cause us to follow the leaders over the edge or will our greater intelligence allow us to turn and face our predicament?” This is not a question to the herd, it is for the individual. The great turning will happen because individuals awaken to their predicament and–most importantly–to the greater intelligence within us. This is the time of empowerment for the individual for the purpose of uniting to save our race and our world.

“Humanity faces its greatest trials, its greatest dangers in a declining and depleted world. It faces now its greatest opportunity to finally cooperate beyond all the divisions of history, culture, religion and politics. ”  – The Precipice -Marshall Vian Summers

God Has Given Us A Blessing, A Warning And A Preparation

It is this greater intelligence called Knowledge which is our deeper connection to God and humanity’s strongest hope for a future. It will not be a future like our past. While we were sleeping, that future was sold down the river. But it is possible that through our connection to our greater intelligence–Knowledge – we can gain the courage, clarity and determination to create a better future for ourselves and our children.  It is possible–but not if we don’t awaken to the opportunity of the Great Turning now and reclaim this greater intelligence that God has placed within us.

” As rival groups clash, as religions clash, as nations vie for what remains of the wealth of the world, God has given a great blessing, a great warning and a great preparation. It is now time to see the precipice. It is now time to see the blessing. ” – The Precipice -Marshall Vian Summers


Preparation for the edge of the precipice

There Is A New Revelation From God In The World

At the edge of the precipice, many will bury their heads in the sand because they do not see any hope or any way forward except over the edge. I understand this and have great compassion for these people. But there is a way forward and–especially because we are spending our children’s inheritance–we owe it to the future of humanity that we buck-up and Listen-up! There is a New Revelation from God in the world! And the Knowledge that it speaks of is the source of the strength, courage and determination that is needed now.

” It [humanity] has this one great chance to unite to restore the world and to assure humanity a safer future than its past. But I tell you it cannot do this without the power of God and the Revelation that God has sent into the world now to prepare humanity for the Great Change that is coming…”  – The Precipice -Marshall Vian Summers

You Are Not Here By Accident, You Came For a Purpose

We must see clearly what it is that we stand to lose–and then dig deep within ourselves for the strength You have purpose!that has been placed there for this moment. It is NO ACCIDENT that we have come to the world at the same time that a New Revelation from God has been given, at the same time that humanity stands on the edge of the precipice. Sense deep within yourself and ask, “Does this resonate with me? Did I come to serve at this time? OR, did I come to eat, drink and be merry and pursue as much happiness as I can put away until the party is over?”

What Will Be Our Legacy?

We will die. This is as sure as the day we were born. The question is, “What have we done in our lives to further the evolution of our race?” We are here for a purpose. Do not miss your chance to prepare for this purpose and step up to fulfill it. You do not want to go home with your gifts unopened, your music still unsung. There is a New Revelation from God in the world and it has come at just the right time. Its Messenger is still with us. If this message resonates with you, you will want to meet him–and you do not have much time.



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