“Business as Usual” Is Not an Option

“Business as Usual” Is Not an Option

August 24, 2019 1 By Justin Dent
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life purpose in a business as usual worldWe are not living at a time when life can merely continue as normal, where business as usual is an option. It has not been this way for a long time now. The fact that many have continued in this way or tried to do so is completely understandable, but it is not the way forward. Simply becoming educated about the Great Waves of change beginning to engulf the world will amply convince you of this. It will convince you upon the basis of the evidence in the world and on the basis of those feelings you have about this, feelings you cannot seem to ignore, no matter how hard you try.

Seeking life purpose? The world is calling

The simple recognition that this is the case is powerful enough on its own to begin to generate the changes people need to make. One of these primary changes is simply to begin to adopt the understanding that life from now on will increasingly be about adapting and responding to crisis in ways many people are unaccustomed to and runs contrary to the expectations of the future that many others have.

Business as usual is not an optionIt is not a time for being positive, or optimistic or hopeful. You must understand this does not imply you should be negative or despairing. This is a false dichotomy. It is now a time to be realistic. That is always a challenge for everyone. In these times the challenge is greater, the room for error relentlessly receding, the window of opportunity to respond as an individual and collectively as a people is closing down. This is not because we are doomed. It is simply because without adequate response and preparation now you will be in grave danger of being overtaken by the circumstances of the world absorbing all of your time and energy in a desperate battle for personal survival that many already face, that many in the coming years will not survive.

This is neither being negative nor bleak or despairing.It is simply very straight talking. We face a tremendous and unprecedented set of challenges which will prevail for a very long time. Humanity not only can survive this, it is very likely it will. Though there are sound reasons for thinking this not everybody can or will accept them and many are not yet ready to hear them.

“Business as usual” is how we reached this point

The present human global civilization will certainly take a very heavy blow and will be in grave danger of breaking down completely. This does not need to occur. Much will be lost. Unprecedented change and adaptation will be required. And what survives will be a new civilization. That is the best possible outcome and in reality the only acceptable one from where we now stand.

There are many resources available to begin learning about this and for people to begin to face this. The inner adaptation to the challenges coming will be the greatest problem for most individuals. Collectively there are tremendous challenges that will also have to be faced. But it will be individuals with the strength and resilience to do this who will build the small communities and networks of support that will be required. Governments can no longer fix this. They still need to take radical action but it will not be enough on its own.

This has your name on it if you are alive in the world at this time

There are people in the world today who are meant to discover the New Message because it represents the possibility for them to understand how they can and will contribute to this new set of circumstances. If it is for you may you find it now. You can begin to take the journey by visiting these links:


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