Awareness of Death

Awareness of Death

May 11, 2019 2 By Purpose
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Sentient beings are aware of their mortality.

The awareness of death is what gives life focus and purpose: its limitations.The Raven as symbol of death

The “Best 3 Months” practice taught at the Conscious Dying Institute asks you to envision yourself with 3 months to live: What would your deathbed self require?

This provides a tight focus on priorities, getting all affairs in order.

The nervous are aware something is wrong.

Those who are more sensitive to the negative are neurotic, hypersensitive to environmental toxins, pathogens and poisons, including emotional debris from others in the mental environment.

Anxiety is awareness of death

From Marshall Summers

It’s important for neurotics to pay attention to the physical influences, to track

  • When is this happening?
  • Where is this coming from?
  • How much of it am I generating in how I carry myself, what I communicate, the environments I find myself in, what I concern myself with, what I absorb and retain, consume and imbibe?
Awareness of Death and Collapse

Global death is occurring under our watch.

  • How much can I slow down my contribution to this degradation?
  • What do I wish to defend and fortify?
  • How to prepare for collapse?

Freedom on Earth is eroding.

We are like a native people discovered on a rich terrain by the races exploring in order to exploit.

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