Are You Sure You’re Not Depressed?

Are You Sure You’re Not Depressed?

January 19, 2020 0 By Purpose
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Some subtle signs of depression include


WebMD asks, “Could You Be Depressed and not know it?” and updates more subtle signs that may indicate depression. These given below were inspired by a post on social media similar to these.

  • Saying “I don’t care.”
  • Having no opinion. “It’s all good.”
  • Procrastinating.
  • Passive aggressive without realizing the effect on relationships
  • Isolating oneself
  • Having no purpose in life

There are plenty more signs–self-medicating, justifying error, indiscriminate giving, martyrdom, self-neglect. In essence, to be depressed is to be missing the true direction of your life and to feel that underlying current of a truly lived life slipping away from you, a feeling of helplessness about the direction and purpose of your own life.

Instant relief

“Do you want to know why you are really sad and depressed and why those emotions come to you? It is because you miss God. That is the reason for all unhappiness and it is also the seed of all joy.”

Marshall Vian Summers, Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume I, Chapter 18: Higher Education

Many have reported a great refreshment upon reading and/or listening to the texts of the New Message from God, as it grants a rapid adjustment of perspective away from the downward negative and introverted thinking of depression to a wider panorama of life encompassing all intelligent life in the universe, with a sturdy, matter-of-fact approach conveying an indisputable authority and supportive intention.

There is a great wide unknown in that wider perspective, and this daunting view can be known as “astro-depression.” So a longer than momentary relief will be needed, the more this wider expanse can be absorbed and addressed, calling for a greater than short-term happiness.

Relief over the long haul

It is a long journey, the step-by-step walk away from self-centeredness, solitude and separation to sacrificial service and dedication, to the point where the previously lost come to their senses and realize

“They came here to give things. They realize that the world is in profound distress and in profound misery, and so they do not require it to produce much. You do not walk into a hospital and say, ‘OK. Everyone on their feet. Attention!”

Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume I, Chapter 13: Spiritual Community

After a while the adjustment in perspective increasingly commits to long-term objectives and relinquishes short-term solutions that distract from real change.

“That is why learning The Way of Knowledge must be encouraged.”

The Allies of Humanity Book TwoThird Briefing: The Influence Upon Humanity

To begin on The Way of Knowledge is to grasp the way out of the tunnel of depression and other neuroses by finding how to better direct and guard the mind against any degrading intrusion or attraction. A growing number of readers and students are gaining this advantage by taking the Steps to Knowledge, which are fully amplified and developed in The One Book by Marshall Vian Sommers.





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