Any questions?

Any questions?

December 22, 2019 0 By Purpose
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For any question that you never thought to ask or those you did–

Questions about mortality, like, what is the purpose of life if it is only for a short time?

any questions?Or other perplexing unsolved mysteries, like when a person just rubs you the wrong way? You don’t know why, but you just can’t like the person. It would be prudent to know why that might be and what to do about it: to follow Warren Buffet’s advice, and not pursue the relationships that run like cars that need to go into the shop every two weeks?

What do we tell ourselves about our attachments and commitments? How close are we on the path of our own, true life purpose? Is there a partner waiting out there for me to find?

A refreshing set of answers has come forth in the form of a book, The Pure Religion, representing one volume within a much larger work, this one compact read of many hours essentially tells us there are answers on as deep a level as we care to go.

This set of small books comprises the essential teachings from The Way of Knowledge as a universal practice updated for the critical times humanity now faces. It points to a locus of Knowing rather than a set of platitudes in a time of shifting potentialities.

lingering questions, from the depthsThese teachings reveal The Way of Knowledge to be as simple as a practice of stillness and profound and multi-layered as any mythic narrative. These teachings form a corrective to ancient traditions, so overlaid with notions and nonsense, as only Revealed Wisdom can: with directness, vitality and incontrovertible obviousness.

People … think that your religious commitments and views define who you are and even define your relationship with God—whether you will be saved or not, whether you will be redeemed or not, whether you will be favored in some end point or not. But this is a human invention. This is a human perspective. It is born out of human psychology, human needs, human fears, human desires and aspirations….

Your thoughts and your beliefs are established largely beyond your control by the passions, the assumptions and the demands of human society around you. Instead of being God’s Creation, you become merely a product of your culture, its values and expectations and its religious influences and predispositions. to see.” The Pure Religion: The Spiritual Families and the Plan of God

The desire and capacity for the Knowledge that is deeper than cultural programming might be detected in the presence of burning questions, which could be felt as even the lowest-frequency hum of irritability or agitation or a lingering je ne sais quoi, something you just can’t put your finger on?

Different generations now living in a world in crisis on many levels must have some kind of anxiety about the future, depending on how many years into the future they can foresee. We have come to believe that religion has only palliative function, a placebo effect at best and an elaborate, collective denial mechanism at worst.

You come to worship at the mosque, the temple or the church because you are expected to do so, because you want the rewards of doing so, because you are afraid if you do not do so, then misfortune will find you. But you have not yet experienced the miracle, or you would come to worship for a very different reason, and you would worship wherever you were—in your house, in your garden, at the city street, out in nature. You may not need a temple, or a temple may not be there for you.” The Pure Religion: The Miracle





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