What is My Past Life?

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You have had past life experiences with many individuals who are not part of your Spiritual Family. Your Spiritual Family is a small group. Yet you have had past life experiences with thousands and thousands of individuals. The experience of Spiritual Family is something very rare and special. It can generate tremendous spiritual power if it can be properly discerned and if your participation with the other person can be correctly established. Here it is possible to make serious errors with another member of your Spiritual Family. Still, the possibility for contribution, for discovery and for advancement is so great in this relationship that it represents a miraculous experience.

excerpted from  Relationships and Higher Purpose

What is My Past Life?

Many … are not from this world. They have immigrated here at this particular time in human history. They have never felt at home here and have always felt displaced. Their awareness of this speaks of an increased sensitivity. For them, personal relationships have wreaked havoc. They are attempting to unite, but they are not with their own kind. Yet these early sensitivities speak of a greater possibility later. If these individuals can establish a functioning self in this world, they will be in a tremendous position to be of service to the Teachers of God.

– excerpted from Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume One, Chapter 2

What is my past lifeYou cannot erase the accomplishments and the relationships you have made in the past, in your past life experiences. You bring this forward with you. If much of your history has been beyond this world, then that is part of your gathered wisdom. It is part of your orientation, and it represents part of your network of relationships.

– excerpted from Life in the Universe

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