The Purpose of Human Life

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The purpose of human life is to discover and express Knowledge in the World. Knowledge is the part of us that never left God. It includes inspiration, intuition and purpose, but is much more than all of these things. We carry Knowledge with us from our Ancient home.

Our Ancient Home Provided the Purpose of Human Life

We came from our Ancient Home to accomplish very specific tasks.Purpose of Human Life is explained in the book: Greater Community Spirituality

“The greater purpose that you share with everyone is to keep Knowledge alive in the world and to bring something from your Ancient Home into the world…. The world is a difficult place to come to. It is not a vacation spot. It is not a place where you are sent for punishment. It is not a place where you are sent for pleasure. It is a place that needs your gifts from your Ancient Home, and for this reason you have come.” – from Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 5

When we die, we will return to Our Ancient home and we will be asked, “Did you accomplish what you set out to do?” That is the purpose of human life.

Knowledge contains the mystery of our lives for why we are here and what the purpose of our lives is. Take the Steps to Knowledge and discover the purpose of human life.

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