Return to your Source

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You are beginning, perhaps in the very slightest way, your return to your Source, your return to the greater purpose that has brought you into the world, which has been unaccounted for in your previous efforts and associations. You do not know what this is, for you have not reached the place where you can see it clearly. For you are in the stage of undoing, the stage of dismantling what you have created that is not true, that is not authentic, that does not represent your heart and soul.

return to your sourceYou built these things out of convenience or expediency or pressured by the expectations of others or the belief you could only be happy and have meaningful relationships if you acquired such things and such status.

Now the clouds have gathered around your dreams, your hopes and your fantasies, and you find yourself in a state of despair, a state of frustration and anxiety.

Perhaps you think you are failing in life, but Heaven looks upon this as a great and hopeful sign.

Perhaps now there is a chance, a distant chance, but a real chance that this individual may turn this corner and continue to bring real honesty to their endeavors and have the courage to release those things that are untrue or inappropriate.

– From The Turning Point.

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Great Change Is Coming. Are You Prepared?

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Learn more about Real Change that is coming and your Higher Purpose.

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To be a portal from Heaven is our life purpose

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We are meant to be a portal from heaven. For that is where we came from and that is where we will return to.

You are a portal from Heaven

Portal from HeavenFor you to experience your relationship with God, you must realize that you have come from a place of reality to establish that reality in a place where it has been forgotten and denied. This is your purpose. God has given you Knowledge, your spiritual power, to accomplish this task. To say it in a different way, you have come from your Ancient Home to a place where you are away from Home in order to establish your Ancient Home here.

Is this to mean, then, that you are to establish Heaven on Earth? Only partially. The Earth cannot be Heaven. Yet you can experience Heaven while you are in the world.

– excerpted from Relationships and Higher Purpose

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By experiencing our life purpose, we experience God

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experiencing our life purposeYou experience God through discovering and carrying out your purpose for being here. If you are not serving the purpose for which you have come, you will be in profound confusion concerning your relationship with yourself, with others, with the world and with God.

You have come into the world because you knew that you had to do this. God knew you had to do this because the world is a place where work has to be undertaken. Your real reason for coming into the world is to re-establish your experience of your Ancient Home here and to give specific gifts that you were sent to contribute.

– excerpted from Relationships and Higher Power

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