Life Purpose Advice from Hunter S. Thompson

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life purpose advice

Hunter S. Thompson

A friend recently pointed to this letter from famous 20th century journalist Hunter S. Thompson who gave life purpose advice to a friend who sought his counsel.

At first, Thompson sets the ground properly by advising that no human can tell another human what their life purpose is. Only an individual, through careful inner listening to their God-given inner Knowledge, over time, and many patient steps, may be able to discern the soft voice of their true purpose and direction in life.

Thompson then uses Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a foil to argue for and against going with the flow of life or swimming upstream, which is alright. The trick is which voice do we follow? Some voices will urge us to take the easy path and other voices in life will urge us to go upstream.

This is where he loses track with what is never changing, always consistent within us and serves as our true compass in life. Because going with the flow is not necessarily incorrect and swimming upstream is not necessarily more noble or more purposeful for our lives. It really depends on each person’s life and what they are destined to do.

It is only by following the sure voice inside that we can know what our life purpose is. Oftentimes, that voice is easiest to hear when we are young and before our minds have been programmed to value worldly things like money, prestige and power.

So when Thompson writes,

When you were young, let us say that you wanted to be a fireman. I feel reasonably safe in saying that you no longer want to be a fireman. Why? Because your perspective has changed. It’s not the fireman who has changed, but you.”

He isn’t accounting for that within us which never changes, despite our advancing years and despite our formal education and training of the mind.

Knowledge within us never changes and is fundamentally beyond the mind. Knowledge is connected to our True selves that lives a Greater Life in a Greater Community beyond this one life on this one planet. Ultimately, we have all come here for a purpose and that purpose is contained in our Knowledge.

That’s why people seek life purpose advice – they KNOW they are here for a reason and that reason is not contained in their mind.

The Only True Life Purpose Advice: Seek Knowledge

Steps to KnowledgeUltimately, being who we really are, beyond the mind and beyond any social conditioning, will make us the most happy. Goals, plans and dreams are all nothing to Knowledge. Knowledge is on a mission and it is our life purpose to fulfill that Knowledge of what we are here to do. Nothing could make us happier.

So, the question may come, if you’re still reading: “How do I hear this Knowledge you speak of?”

The New Message has provided a pathway of sacred Steps to Knowledge, which if practiced honestly and faithfully, will provide you with great insights, knowledge and the life purpose advice that you seek.


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Purpose in the Present Moment

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Living with purpose in the present moment has immense benefits for our mental, emotional and spiritual health. One of the benefits is that time moves swiftly and we are completely focused on the task at hand.

Anyone who has been engrossed in something understands this.

Purpose in the present momentIt can happen to anyone, at any time, as long as they are doing something that completely fascinates them. Time seems to slow down – or even stop.

It can happen while playing a musical instrument or playing a sport. We are so focused and so concentrated that time flies. This makes us feel alive!

The New Message explains that this experience is very real and significant. Knowing when we experience this is a good sign that we are living with purpose:

It is only a matter of time, and time can only seem long to those who dwell within it without purpose. But to those who dwell in time with purpose, time moves swiftly and brings about this great result. – Step 258, Steps to Knowledge

This concept of living with purpose in the present moment is not new in spiritual and religious circles.

Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta, Judaism and Buddhism have all described the state of losing one’s sense of self while engaged in a higher purpose in the present moment. The goal is to lose the personal, separate identity with others and the world.

Flow: Living with Purpose in the Present Moment

Science confirms that this experience is real and not just “spiritual”. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a psychologist who has studied the state of total focus while performing an enjoyable activity.

Flow is another word for living with purpose in the present momentHe termed this state “Flow.” He found that this state occurs across many disciplines and throughout all cultures. It is a distinctive human trait common to all people who are completely focused and living with purpose in the present moment.

According to Csikszentmihalyi, emotions are not just contained and channeled, but positive, energized and life affirming. One cannot be in a state of anxiety or depression while experiencing Flow.

No one likes “killing time” and being bored. Deep down, this feeling kills us slowly. Living with purpose is the path to a true life, true contribution and true happiness.

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Greater Purpose in Life is a Destiny

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Oh, how many times have I tried to create my future and create a greater purpose in life? Too many times to count.

I have tried to fulfill myself in the world by acquiring power, money, possessions and people. On the other hand, I have also tried to create a greater purpose in life by escaping from the world into narcotics, alcohol, spirituality, intellectualism and self-righteousness.

Each time, it never worked – no surprise there.

Greater purpose in life is a destinyAnd then I found the New Message which clarifies and explains why we can’t create our greater purpose in life. This mission was given to us before we came into the world and we must follow that call even though we don’t consciously know where it is taking us.

In fact, we have accumulated so many ideas about what we want from life and what we think our destiny is, we must first free ourselves from our past ideas, associations and commitments:

Long before this greater purpose is realized, you will be taking these steps to free yourself, to regain your lost life, to regain your power and your self-confidence. For your greater purpose is not simply a big definition. It is a destiny. But to move in the direction of your destiny, you must be freed from the past sufficiently so that you can move forward with a greater inspiration. So you begin the journey. – from the revelation “The Journey”

In order to begin to realize a greater purpose in life, we need to learn to follow the faint voice of knowledge within us rather than the loud demands of our intellect and ego.

Knowledge is the deeper wisdom and intelligence of why we have come into the world at this time and what we came here to do. The ancients called this wisdom gnosis and it is inside everyone.

Are you able to live without definitions of yourself? Can you allow your destiny to unfold in front of you – like traveling on a road you’ve never seen before?

This is the call of your ancient plan for this life. Be still, and listen within. Your greater purpose in life is calling you.

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Ego in Life

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The antidote to an over active mind that tries to take control – another word for the ego in life – is the spiritual practice of Steps to Knowledge. This practice emphasizes stillness and a real accounting of our everyday experience in order to step away from the false messages created by our ego. Ego in LifeOur ego in life can’t define our purpose. We can’t create our life purpose, it is given to us by the Divine before our birth.

The ego likes to believe that it is God and can create anything, but this just isn’t true. Our true purpose is to discover our destiny of where we need to go, who we need to be with and what we need to work on.

The ego in life will try to convince us of it’s plan with brilliant ideas or fantastic schemes, but it must learn to yield. The ego must learn to hear and yield to the divine presence in our lives – which is in everyone’s life.

Beyond the Ego in Life there Lives a Deeper Intelligence

This presence is subtle and yet always there, if we can slow down, still the mind and open ourselves to a sacred life of our spiritual calling which is waiting for us.

Indeed, it takes courage to listen to the subtle voice of knowledge inside us rather than the loud, demanding voices coming from the ego in life, the messages from culture and the demands of our family.

Stretching beyond your own ideas and assumptions and reaching out for something which is greater that transcends them is an act of courage, integrity and commitment to your personal development and to true contribution in life. This is the road to Knowledge. – from Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 4

Learn more about the courage to live an authentic life away from the ego in life that tries to takes us away from true purpose: The New Message on courage and knowledge

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Life is Not Chaotic

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Life is not Chaotic

Be happy that you have a higher purpose in life, for this means that your life is meaningful and not chaotic. It means that you have an origin and a destiny beyond this world. It means that life is eternal even as it passes through this temporary phase of worldly existence.

Be grateful, then, that the relationships you reclaim unto yourself you will be able to keep, for once you have recognized another, you cannot forget that person. The advancement you make here is permanent. It is only your assessment of yourself that can deteriorate. It is only your ability to meet your destiny in the world that
can be offset or denied, thus wasting your valuable time.

Would you want to go through birth and childhood all over again just to arrive at the point at which you are now? Who would want to go through twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty or seventy years of preparation all over again? You do not want to go through all of this again. Therefore, make full use of where you are now. Your higher purpose is with you.

Relationships and Higher Purpose

Life is not chaotic. We have a purpose and destiny in the world. Take advantage of your life to fulfill your destiny.

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When You Know You Know

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Secret #85 - When you know you knowWhen you know, you know. And your choice is made already. It is this experience that you will want to seek out in your decision making at this point. Decisions made without this are merely presumptions. They may have great emotion but they do not have a foundation. Those who have purpose are not burdened with decision. – Secrets of Heaven, Secret #84

I have a friend who likes to analyze his life’s decisions ad nauseum. He can write for hours on the pros and cons of each choice he is about to make.

His career, his relationships and his vacation destination are all scrutinized, detail by detail, with his powerful brain.

He feels as if he is being very thorough, very prudent and very smart. He even consults with me and other friends with his decision making process so that he gets it “right”.

He is earnest, humble and has a sincere desire to serve the world.

But he is missing the deeper current in his life. By analyzing to death his decisions, he is relying upon his brain solely to generate the best choice. He doesn’t really Know. Knowing requires little thought – you just know. Because when you know you Know.

He doesn’t Know what he Knows about his life – where he came from, why he is here and where he is going after this life. This is very normal and yet it’s very far from our greater life, our greater Self and out greater purpose for being alive.

Assuming when you know you know

Decisions made without knowing what you know are just assumptions.As the quote above from Secrets to Heaven says, “Decisions made without this are merely presumptions. They may have great emotion but they do not have a foundation.”

I had a high school teacher who always scolded me when I assumed that he knew what I knew. He said, “To assume makes an ass out of you and me.” Get it? Assume = “ass” + “u” + “me”. Assumptions do no one any good.

steps-to-knowledge-coverAnd that’s the point behind the quote above. Decisions made without knowing what you know, are simply mentally intricate assumptions. They help us feel better but really are far away from our purpose in life.

So, how do we know? By stilling the mind and going deep into what we feel through meditation. The Steps to Knowledge is a meditation course designed to get us in touch with Knowledge, that deeper knowing of our lives.


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How Do I Define My Purpose in Life?

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How Do I Define My Purpose in Life? Take the Steps to KnowledgeHow do I define my purpose in life, because I know I am here for a very good reason.

I can feel my purpose when I look into the eye of a child. I can feel this purpose when I am experiencing the beauty of nature. I feel this purpose when I am engrossed in a good book or looking at amazing art.

But how do I define my purpose in life? What is my role? I’m not getting any younger and I’m tired of waiting for a life purpose to come hit me in the face!

I work all day, take care of family on the weekends and yet, where is my purpose? Is my purpose just to have a family? I love my family, but is that it? Am I just a human reproductive machine?

I certainly hope not, so hurry up heavenly father, God, higher power or whatever you call yourself: how do I define my purpose in life? I really want to know!

Well, the joke is on me. My purpose is there. It has always been there. I could never see it. I had lost it. I had lost myself. My mind wanted to control my purpose, define it, shape it and make it look pretty to the World.

Steps to Knowledge brought me back to my true self, back to my real life, back to my higher purpose. By taking the reins of my life from my mind, I am now able to experience my purpose rather than defining it for myself:

You do not need to define your purpose when in time your purpose will merely arise and be known by you. Do not live by definitions. Live by experience and understanding. You do not need to define your purpose, and if you attempt to do so, always remember that it is only a temporary expedient. Do not give it great credibility. In this way, the world cannot anger you, for what can the world do to you but undermine your definition of yourself? If you are not living upon your definitions, the world cannot harm you, for it cannot touch the place of Knowledge that is within you.

Steps to Knowledge, Step 134

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I am the God of my Universe

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It is very lonely to be a little god of your own universe. If you think, “I am the God of my Universe,” then you need to defend it against all others who are also little gods. Sometimes people agree that another person is the god of their universe, in their private life or in politics. What is the sense of that?

I am the God of my Universe

“I am the God of my Universe” is very misguided thinking

You have been created by God for a purpose. Your traits and innermost character have been made for a special purpose. As long as you are not moving forward towards this purpose you see these traits as a hindrance or a nuisance. You are in constant inner war. The New God can end this war. There is no war in God’s stillness or in God’s movement.

People wish to control their lives. They want to make separation work. They want to make it. But can you really be the god of your universe when there actually is a real God of the Universe out there and inside you?

Do you have any idea that this universal new God has a plan for your life? And trust me, this plan is not about you making it and beating everyone in the competition of life and dying rich and famous, or for you to be as a master consumer or a person who has consumed other people’s labor.

It does not matter how smart you are. It does not matter how strong you are. The world will always be stronger. You will die. Then what? What was all that about: the whole thing about living in this world? Did you leave the world a better place or did you leave it suffering more after your effect on it? This is what matters, when you are dead.

Do I have only this one life? How cruel would this be if you consider that some die very young. What would be the point of that? What kind of God would make this kind of nasty system?

“I am the God of my Universe” – What Purpose Would that Serve?

There cannot be a purpose for someone who claims, “I am the god of my own universe.” In this kind of illusion no purpose can exist. But since the universal God exists, also purpose exists for those who give up the illusions.

Your purpose spans many lifetimes and many relationships. It is magnificent in that sense. But how to find it? A pathway has been given by Marshall Vian Summers, a Messenger of God in our time through the Steps to Knowledge. This is a pathway of meaningful work, yes work. Not bliss or pleasure. Everyone is in this world to work, and those who understand it are the happiest.

“You may pray to God to save you, but God has sent you here to save the world, to play your small but essential part in this.”

– quote fromThe New God”

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Serve a Greater Purpose

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I Am Here To Serve A Greater Purpose

Serve a Greater PurposeYou are here to serve a greater purpose, beyond mere survival and the gratification of the things you may think you want. This is true because you have a spiritual nature. You have a spiritual origin and a spiritual destiny. Your failure in this life is the failure to respond to your spiritual nature, which has been distorted and maligned by the religions of your world, which has been neglected and denied by the science of your world. You have a spiritual nature. You have a greater purpose to serve. When you trust your inclination for this purpose, you will be able to come closer to it. When you feel confident that it represents a genuine source of love, then you will begin to open yourself to it, and this will be a great homecoming for you.

– from Steps to Knowledge, Step 71

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Guidebook Purpose

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When discussing spiritual matters, a friend once told me, “Isn’t there just a guidebook on the purpose of life?”

It was a reasonable question, it seemed to me. Then my friend said, “I don’t have time to read everything. Can’t someone just tell me what to do so that I feel connected and I feel like I am living the life I am supposed to live?”

Guidebook purposeI sympathized. But my friend’s desire for a “purpose guidebook” contains in it the seeds of it’s own disuse. You see, if a person does not really KNOW their purpose by feeling it deep inside, they won’t believe what they are told.

Too often, a person will prefer their own plans for a life’s purpose which they conjured from their imagination. People prefer what they want rather than what they need.

Fortunately for my friend, there is a new book that briefly speaks to this dilemma of wanting fast answers to deep questions. It is called, “Secrets of Heaven” and it gives some of the most inspiring and brief answers to humanity’s most difficult questions.

Here’s one quote:

“People want purpose, but not Knowledge. Do you see? They just say, ‘Tell me what to do so I’ll feel better.'”

– secret 255 from Secrets of Heaven

Read more about a guidebook purpose in Secrets of Heaven

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