People Think They Know the Truth

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People think they know the truth of who they are

“The Freedom Journey” from the New Message from God

When I reveal to people that I meditate in order to find greater purpose in life, they often ask, “So, tell me: what have you found? What is your purpose?”

That is the mind’s response: tell me what purpose is. Let’s define it, analyze it and discuss it. People think they know the truth.

Believe me, I would tell them what my purpose was if finding it were so easy. But purpose is not fixed and static. Purpose can’t be clearly defined because the world is constantly changing, it’s challenges and opportunities aren’t fixed.

The mind likes to think it knows the truth of our lives and our purpose for living. But it’s not so easy because the mind is shaped by the culture, social norms and technology in which it grew and developed. The New Message’s revelation on freedom has helped me to see this:

People think they know the truth. They think they know what they want because they are trying to use the intellect to determine the purpose, the course and the direction of their life. But the intellect is a temporary thing, a marvelous instrument it is for communication and evaluation, but it cannot discern the greater truth about your life—why you are here and who sent you. For this you must go beyond ideas, beliefs and assumptions into a deeper experience. – The Freedom Journey

If my life purpose were fixed and clearly defined, then what would my life be for once my purpose was clearly achieved? Time for suicide? Of course not!

In my experience, purpose is felt in response to experiences with the world and other people: something inspires me, something outrages me, or someone moves me to tears. I can’t feel my purpose without the world stimulating me.

My Children are My Purpose

I have many friends who, like me, have children and they all point to them as their reason for working and living. It is their life purpose, as far as they can discern it. They ask, “Isn’t raising our children the purpose of life?”

Obviously, children can’t be our sole purpose in life. Just ask any “empty nest” couple whose children grew up and moved away from home. What is those parents’ purpose now?

Clearly, our purpose is beyond simply taking care of our family.

The New Message makes it clear that our purpose is to support some higher goal for life here on Earth that is part of a grander plan beyond caring for family, and which is beyond our immediate comprehension:

Fundamentally, the expression of a higher purpose is your service to God and to humanity and the world. This transcends your service to yourself or your service to your immediate family. You still provide service for yourself and your family to a certain degree, but the priority shifts to a higher level now.- The Freedom Journey

If these words resonate with you and if you know you are here to do something important, in concert with other people, then the New Message may be able to help you. It provides a pathway to discover life purpose called Steps to Knowledge and offers a forum and a free school to discuss one’s discoveries with others.

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No One Has Come Here by Accident

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“No one has come here by accident. Everyone has been sent for a purpose. This purpose remains undiscovered within you, but you must find it, for that is the great pursuit in life.”

– from the revelation “How God Speaks to Humanity

I used to think that life in general, and my life in particular, was random; a matter of luck when life dealt me favorable circumstances, and misfortune if I was given difficult circumstances.

I used to believe that God didn’t exist, which meant that life must have come from some natural, impersonal, and ultimately purposeless process. That meant I was purposeless, too. If life’s just an accident, then so was I.

Then, I discovered meditation, and found that there was something beyond my physical senses that I could feel. There was something talking to me in a meaningful way that I couldn’t explain. So maybe there is a Divine Source (God) gently pulling the strings of me and everyone else, like a puppet.

But this didn’t give my life any sense of meaning or purpose. I was still just a powerless actor playing a part in one of God’s plays.

A Purpose not Created by Me but For me

Then the New Message from God (not affiliated with Christianity) came into my life and encouraged me to consider my life in a new light: the light of intension and purpose set from beyond this life. A purpose not created by me but for me.

What if I chose this life and these circumstances in order to do something important, in order to learn by contributing something in concert with others?

Then, life is not a meaningless crap shoot where I must get what I can while I am alive. Life is an opportunity, with a mission to serve; a mission that I signed up for before I was born. Then, I am not just a pawn in someone else’s game of life. I am a vital participant with a purpose to fulfill and a responsibility to carry it out.

no one came here by accidentThe question then becomes, “What did I sign up for?” and “Why did I come?”

These questions are the most important questions one can ask and the New Message has taught me that these are life-long questions that have no fixed answer and has an evolving demonstration in the world.

If you’re feeling that you have something important to do in your life, then the New Message can help you discover this purpose. Regardless of your existing religious affiliation, it can help you in this mysterious journey. It has helped me.

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How Can I find Higher Purpose in Life?

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If you are wondering, “How can I find Higher Purpose in life?”, then you are simply following a natural feeling.

Although people get caught up in their dreams, their fantasies and their ambitions, everyone on Earth has a higher purpose.

What is my higher purpose

And the fact that this higher purpose is elusive and offers no tangible benefits like fame, wealth or power, is a sign that it exists and it is true.

As evolutionary biologists like to say, there is no advantage in life to finding and fulfilling higher purpose.

When expressing a higher purpose, there is no benefit to finding a mate and generating offspring, unless your mate is also aware of their higher purpose. In this case, a true marriage of destiny may be formed.

How Can I find Higher Purpose in Life When All I Want is Money?

Beyond all the desires for comfort, pleasure and happiness, there is a persistent need for people to find higher purpose in life.

Once you get past your own mind, which constantly demands money, safety and security, there is persistent calling for you to do something in your life.

Where does this come from? Our higher purpose is a Mystery, and rightfully so! If we could know our higher purpose, it would destroy us if we saw and learned how far we actually are from it.

Luckily, there is a safe way to approach knowing our higher purpose. This path is known as the Steps to Knowledge:

“The gift is within you. The Way of Knowledge is here. The Way can only be known. For it to be known, you must have a foundation in Knowledge. That is why we take the Steps to Knowledge. It is not a matter of opinion or viewpoint. It is a matter of recognizing the truth face to face and experiencing it deeply. Therefore, for those who can see, hear and respond, there is a “Way” to find what you most deeply know and what you are here to do.” – Marshall Vian Summers, author of Steps to Knowledge

Following your natural inclinations will lead you naturally to ask, “How Can I find Higher Purpose in Life,” and this will lead you to take the Steps to Knowledge.

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Ideas Are no Substitute for Experience

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Everyone has ideas, and opinions, but ideas are no substitute for experience.

Anyone can talk all day long from a street corner about God and higher purpose. Anyone can pontificate about how many angels exist on the head of a pin. However, they will never be any closer to their life purpose.

Ideas are no substitute for experience and knowledge:

The experience will always be different from imagination. The experience will be its own initiation. Stay at the bottom of the mountain and you will never know the mountain. Stay in your thoughts and your ideas, and you will never understand what
real purpose, meaning and direction in life are. Protect your ideas, and they will hold you where you are. – Greater Community Spirituality

If ideas are not helpful in knowing God and God’s plan for us, then why do we have them? Why can’t we just go to the direct experience of God and our life purpose?

Ideas are no substitute for experience

Ideas are helpful as pointers. Ideas are like maps for our life. Just like how seeing a map is not the same as traveling on the path, ideas are not the same as experience. Our intellects are great helpers, calculators and communicators but they are not at the heart of who we are:

The power of God has been placed within you, but it is not within your intellect. – The New Message for the Impoverished and Oppressed

And here lies the value for our lives. If we can experience our life purpose, we will surely know it. Here, ideas can lead us to TRY something that we feel is a life purpose. How did that feel? What was our experience that came from that idea?

Before you can change the world, you must change yourself.

So, to find our life purpose, we have to step outside of our minds, into the world and experience the truth of who we are. We have to get off our behinds, get off the Internet and experience the Mystery of life!

Because… ideas are no substitute for experience.

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God Found Me

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God Found MeMy life has greatly changed since I started studying the New Message from God. I moved to a new country. I got divorced. I changed careers. I have left many old friends and let go of family obligations. God found me and I pray at night.

These are significant changes. However, they are just the outer manifestations of the New Message in my life. Inside, I am learning and growing in ways I previously didn’t know were possible.

I now can sense and articulate a destiny and a purpose in my life that previously I didn’t think possible or perhaps that I didn’t believe I deserved. This is so empowering and at the same time settling for me.

I am learning about the importance of discretion and discernment. I am learning to value stillness. I am learning to follow, to join and to let go of my separate identity. I am learning to value Knowledge, to value myself, value my life and to feel Knowledge moving in my life.

I now know that I live a much greater life beyond this life alone, and this changes everything in my outlook on people, the world and my life. In the past, the world seemed random and chaotic. Now I see the world as a reflection of Knowledge or the denial of Knowledge.

In the past I thought that my career and work was the end goal. I now know how my work in the world is just a means to an end to serve a higher purpose with others who are called to this New Message.

God Found Me Like a Speck on the Ocean

In the past, I saw my life as random, or the luck of the draw. And now, I feel a part of a grander plan. I feel so fortunate to have been found, like the New Message describes, found along with others, like a speck on the ocean for a greater purpose.

This grand plan is far beyond my understanding but I still can participate fully with my acquired worldly skills and talents in concert with inherited Knowledge. After participating in vital life-changing events such as this Vigil and at Encampment, I feel a great burning in me to help the Messenger in his Mission to bring this New Message into the world. Sometimes, that fire burns me and sometimes it burns others in this community. I am learning to hold this and contain this fire without damage.

In the past, I was independent, a lone wolf and proud of it. Now, I find myself enmeshed in a community of purpose and destiny. I meet people from around the world who share this destiny with me and it is amazing to feel resonance and affinity with people who don’t speak my language or share my culture. I now know I am not alone in this world of Separation and this brings me great comfort and warms my heart.

Now, I am learning to be a part of this interdependent community of the New Message that serves the Messenger, the Angelic Presence and their mission to bring a New Message into the world for the survival and freedom of humanity in the face of the Great Waves of Change and competition from the Greater Community.

I now find myself struggling to learn my place in this great narrative of life, but the struggle is sweet. Every day I wake up and I consider how I may I use my time in the world to further the New Message. I no longer pass time in order to get to the next stimulating event in life. I am happy in the moment for the opportunities it presents itself to serve the Mission – no matter how messy this process may appear to my critical surface mind. In the past, I was burdened by my thoughts and now I am learning to observe the stories I tell myself and not be bound by them.

Most importantly, I am now practicing to follow the deeper voice of Knowledge within me that knows where I need to go, what I need to do and with whom I need to join with. I am not there yet but I feel the pull and I hear the calling so clearly to be here in service to the Messenger in his remaining time. My intentions are clear and nothing has ever felt so right in my life.

God found me. Nasi Novare Coram

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Don’t Waste Your Freedom

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Don't waste your freedomYou may think your times spent as a student were times of freedom, because you were young and had few responsibilities.

Perhaps you considered your parents to be very un-free and blamed them for being tied down to things. Perhaps you are a student yourself and you may wish that this would continue forever.

But what is a student but a person who has not yet really participated in life, a person in preparation?

Your parents are participating in life now, they have learned about their strengths and their weaknesses from life’s challenges. How can someone not yet ready to participate complain about those who do?

Some even complain about those who pay for their education, their preparation for life. Your parents know the requirements of life from their perspective and they wish to help you prepare. Don’t waste your freedom to prepare.

You may think that their vision of your future was wrong and their idea of preparation was inadequate. This happens all the time. But you cannot question the good intention behind this. They wish to prepare you to be ready to participate, they do not wish that you spend your entire life preparing to participate. They know that this would be tragic for you. They have seen it. I have seen it: people in their 30’s or 40’s still playing in their life and not really participating.

Don’t Waste Your Freedom on Cheap Thrills

Don't waste your freedom with cheap thrillsYou may know these people, too, and think they represent the ultimate in freedom that this world has to offer. Am I talking about ski bums, base jumpers, stuntmen, round-the-world sailers – all the cool people now? Yes, I do, but I refer mostly to just the ordinary person who thinks their life purpose is to be entertained.

The over all fatality rate of base jumpers is one fatality per sixty participants. This is an ultimate example of foolishness. Is this freedom? Is it freedom to risk everything that was done to bring you up in this difficult world? The countless hours your mother and father spent to take care of you, raise you, all the money spent to educate you by your parents and society. Is it freedom to risk all that for a momentary thrill?

Show me the freedom in dying in a base jump and I will show you the definition of a corrupted concept of freedom. But I have found a new concept of freedom that clarifies this complexity:

“You lose your freedom every day when you lose contact with Knowledge, when you are lost to yourself, when you act in such a way that betrays your true understanding, when you say things you don’t mean to say and do things you do not really intend to do and when you follow others mindlessly out of fear and concern.”

The New Message from God gives this fresh concept of freedom, of which this quote was just a small part.

Do you wish to stop following others mindlessly? I know I do. It happens so easily. You see an ad, and suddenly think you need something you did not need 10 minutes ago. What is that? I truly want out of all this.

Can wasting your life be considered an essential freedom? We are wasting this world, we are free to do that, but does this give us eventually freedom or disaster? You know the answers to all these questions. This knowing is called Knowledge.

Steps to KnowledgeYou cannot be free unless you give freedom to others. And giving freedom requires responsibility, dedication to service and accountability to others. If you think you are not accountable to the world that supports you in so many ways, you are still playing with life, you are still in preparation to participate.

Your parents did not have a way out of this, unless they were engaged in true spiritual work. You can have a way out of this, there are steps out of this. Over 25 years ago a program of study called “Steps to Knowledge” was given that is a way out of this and showing a way to freedom of almost unimaginable proportions. A freedom of its truest sense. The way is given, you just need to take the first step. This is the true preparation you need to be in, but you can only enter, once you affirm that your time to participate has come.

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Greater Purpose and Destiny

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Greater Purpose and Destiny

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Feeding Souls

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What will snap you out of the dreams and the goals of your life?

For Narayanan Krishnan in India, it was seeing an old man eating his own waste. His life was never the same again. He asked himself, “what is the purpose of my life,” if people are starving and I am feeding wealthy people in a hotel?

He was a bright, young, award-winning chef with a five-star hotel group, short-listed for an elite job in Switzerland. Now, he has served nearly 2 million meals to India’s homeless and hungry. He has devoted his life to feeding souls.

Purpose is realized by taking the journey, not by establishing a favorable or fascinating explanation or a definition for oneself. Purpose is not a justification. It does not compensate for anything. Purpose is something that is waiting for you to discover. You can only discover it by taking the journey, by following the way, by learning as you go and by gaining the greater perspective and understanding that one acquires as one matures in The Way of Knowledge. – Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 5: What is Human Purpose?

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Al Pacino on Acting and Destiny

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Al  Pachino on Acting and Destiny

Al Pacino

For Al Pacino, the famous stage and screen actor, performing is not so much a profession as it is a destiny:

“This is what I’m meant to do. It’s the cog in my life. With this, everything suddenly coheres. And I understand myself in that way.” – Al Pacino as quoted in The New Yorker magazine

Acting, according to Pacino, is about “getting into a state that brings about freedom and expression and the unconscious.”

I have previously written about the mental state of “Flow” which comes from being in a heightened mental state of the present moment.

Flow is the first clue that you are involved in your life purpose. To keep following the clues takes you beyond the present moment and connects your life with a higher calling and destiny. One’s life begins to make sense once we see our destiny and we realize that we are not random.

The act of finding our destiny, as Al Pacino found it through acting, is not a planned event. It cannot be created out of our dreams or preferences, Destiny is what we were meant to do in our time and in the place where we were born. It is the missing key:

“Destiny is not something that you can prescribe for yourself, nor something you can define and say, “This is my destiny because I like the idea.”

Destiny has to do with where you have come from and where you are going and why you are in the world and where the world is going—things that are far beyond most people’s consideration or awareness. – The New Message revelation “Destiny”

Determining our destiny is not a casual affair. It gets to the heart of why you were born and why you came to this planet. For the person who NEEDS to know these things there are esoteric means available in all religions, although they are usually reserved for the adept or the elite.

Everyone Has a Destiny

The New Message is here to spark the desire for every person to discover their purpose and destiny because the world’s circumstances are now calling for them to emerge and be of service to a changing world. As our World changes, becomes more unstable, more uncertain, each of us will be needed to play our greater role which is destined for us.

This role is something that makes you whole, makes your life make sense. There is a role for all of us that actors like Al Pacino would crave. It will make us feel necessary, vital, challenged and ultimately redeemed by meeting and fulfilling our life’s destiny.

Do you feel this destiny calling but have not found a pathway in the world’s religions? Then read the New Message revelation, “Destiny”.

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Serve the Truth

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serve the truth

To serve the Truth.What does that mean?

How can I serve the truth? How can I know the truth, let alone serve it?

Everyone knows the truth when they experience it. The truth is not an idea – it’s a feeling.

The feeling of doing what is right is the truth. And similarly, doing what you were meant to do is a feeling of truth.

Anyone who has worked enough jobs in life knows that there are two types of jobs:

  1. The Untrue job that you hate because it worries you, taxes you, frustrates you, drags on forever and leaves you feeling wasted. Even if the job pays a lot of money, this type of work leaves you feeling worn out and stressed out. This is not the truth.
  2. The True job that inspires you, invigorates you, excites you, motivates you, pushes you to new heights of achievement, gives you satisfaction and makes time fly. This is a job closer closer to your real function and purpose in the world. This job serves the truth of your being.

To Serve the Truth is to Serve God

Interestingly, God and religion have a lot to say about how to serve the Truth:

God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.  (John 4:24)

Christianity puts the onus on the believer to not only seek God and worship Him, but to also worship and seek the Truth. This puts an onus of responsibility on Christians to do more than just pray and believe. It calls for action and to serve the Truth in the world in a way that is true and meaningful for each unique individual.

The New Message from God, through the meditation course Steps to Knowledge, is also calling forth this truth which is sleeping and ever-present inside every individual to come out and be expressed:

IT IS YOUR GREATEST JOY, it is your greatest happiness and it is your greatest contentment to finally serve the truth. Your past has been frustrated and dismal because you have attempted to serve things without foundation and meaning. You have attempted to identify with things without purpose and direction. This has rendered to you the feeling that you have no purpose, meaning or direction. Feel happy now that you can represent the truth and serve the truth, for the truth gives you all that is true. It gives you purpose, meaning and direction which are what you have sought in all of your engagements, relationships, activities and endeavors. This is what you have sought in all of your fantasies, in all of your concerns and in all of your hopes. Step 349 from Steps to Knowledge 

When we can get to the point where we can feel the Truth inside of us, then we can follow it, serve it and express it through our unique design and function.

This, in my experience, is what leads to true meaning and purpose in life. This is what leads me to feel completely used in a proper and fully appropriate way. This is what leads me to have great faith and knowledge that there is a Greater Force in the world and a small part of this greater force lives inside of me.

To serve the truth is to serve a Greater force

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