Life’s Purpose

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Life's Purpose is explained in the book: Relationships and Higher PowerAll happiness emanates from the fulfillment of your life’s purpose in the world. All sadness, anger and confusion result from the denial of this purpose.

You are a piece of the puzzle. The world is the board on which the puzzle is constructed. The puzzle is the mirror where the face of God is seen. When you experience your right relationship with anyone, your individual piece will reflect the face of God, as will all other individual pieces. This is what awaits you in the future.

At this time, it is your task to find where you fit and belong. Once you find the right people with the right purpose, your contribution will be called forth from you, it will give of itself and you will begin to experience spiritual power and movement. You will experience purpose, meaning and direction in your life ever-increasingly as these relationships are accepted and cultivated and as you dedicate yourself to them.

– excerpted from Relationships & Higher Purpose

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