Life is Not Chaotic

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Life is not Chaotic

Be happy that you have a higher purpose in life, for this means that your life is meaningful and not chaotic. It means that you have an origin and a destiny beyond this world. It means that life is eternal even as it passes through this temporary phase of worldly existence.

Be grateful, then, that the relationships you reclaim unto yourself you will be able to keep, for once you have recognized another, you cannot forget that person. The advancement you make here is permanent. It is only your assessment of yourself that can deteriorate. It is only your ability to meet your destiny in the world that
can be offset or denied, thus wasting your valuable time.

Would you want to go through birth and childhood all over again just to arrive at the point at which you are now? Who would want to go through twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty or seventy years of preparation all over again? You do not want to go through all of this again. Therefore, make full use of where you are now. Your higher purpose is with you.

Relationships and Higher Purpose

Life is not chaotic. We have a purpose and destiny in the world. Take advantage of your life to fulfill your destiny.

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