How do I Find My Life Purpose

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To find purpose in life is universal. Purpose gives our lives meaning, direction and a sense that we are part of a larger plan, a bigger movement. Our purpose is always with us, but it often seems just beyond our reach. How do I find my life purpose? There are ways: through religion, by inner listening and by engaging in meaningful relationships.


How do I Find My Life Purpose bookWhy is the truth important for people to know? Because it is the source of purpose, meaning and direction in life. Purpose, meaning and direction are what all human pursuit is for. Even in the worst error or the most foolish behavior, someone is trying to experience purpose, meaning and direction. Beyond fundamental survival, this is the human quest—to know why you are here, what you serve, where you must go and what you must do. Purpose, meaning and direction. This is what religion is for.

I am going to talk about religion in terms of practice and not in terms of theological ideas or God. It does not matter if you think God is real or not. That just determines your form of education and what terminology must be selected for you to proceed. You are all religious people because you are involved in education. School is not out. It is moving forward…

…The goal of life here is to be educated and to share your education with others. Here you have come very far and are at the beginning all at once because the truth is still beyond you. What does this yield to you? It yields purpose, meaning and direction—something the world itself cannot provide. This is the source of your inspiration, enthusiasm and experience of life.

– from Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume II

How do I Find My Life Purpose?

Even if you do not believe in God, the fact that you are reading these words shows that you are attracted to God. The attraction to God is the application of good and can allow you to answer the question, “How do I Find My Life Purpose?”

Steps to KnowledgeYou serve your great friends within the world and your friends beyond, for the work of Knowledge goes on everywhere. It is the attraction of God. It is the application of good. It is the force that redeems all separated minds and gives purpose, meaning and direction to the universe. Regardless of the mechanism of physical life, its value is determined by its origin and its destiny, both of which are beyond your comprehension. Realizing that Knowledge is the means that propels the world in its true direction, you can then value and receive [through inner listening] that which gives your life purpose, meaning and direction.

Step 211 from Steps to Knowledge, the book of Inner Knowing


In life, relationships are very important. Relationships will either greatly assist or hinder your ability to find and fulfill your life purpose. Relationships will either deny your purpose or support a shared life purpose which is based on inner convictions – not grand ideals:

Relationships and Higher PowerGreat relationships are made; they are not simply realized. Therefore, it is necessary to speak of purpose in terms of what you are doing together in life. Purpose is born of an inner awareness, but its expression will change your understanding and shape it. People cannot come together because they share an ideal. They come together to do something based upon an inner conviction. A real marriage may not have high ideals. It may not be committed to saving the world or any part of the world, but if it
has a commitment to provide for others, then it has a genuine commitment. It has a commitment both to give to others and to sustain the marriage. This is a commitment that must be born out day after day, sometimes hour after hour. This is purpose in relationship.

People often think purpose is grandiose such as saving the world or becoming close to God. That is not purpose. Your real purpose is doing a small part of a Greater Plan which is beyond your comprehension. This small part is essential. Yet it is not small in terms of your life; it is great. You do not need to be great to do great things. You need only be committed to providing what is necessary and to maintaining yourself as a provider. Then great things can happen through you. Raising children is a great thing. Running a household is a great thing. Operating a business is a great thing. Meeting your worldly responsibilities is a great thing. Many people with high ideals cannot do any of these.

– from Relationships & Higher Purpose

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