Great Times Create Great People

Great Times Create Great People

February 11, 2018 1 By BeyondEarth
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Do I See Signs in My Future?

Many people express concern that there are difficult and challenging times ahead. Whether they foresee an economic crash, an end to easy oil, food shortages, unpredictable weather threatening more and greater disasters…they feel something.

There are actually many problems plaguing our world right now so there is no wonder that people are feeling concern and discomfort. It is good that we are experiencing concern. It means we are awake to signs in our world.

“If you search your heart, rather than appealing to your ideas, you will feel that great change is coming. Perhaps you cannot describe it or define it. Perhaps it is unclear to you. But what it important is you are feeling the movement of change and the impending change in the world.”*

Am I Avoiding What I Know?

Many other people work hard to ignore the signs of coming global challenges, pretending that the world is just as it has always been or technology will find a way to solve these problems. But it is becoming harder to pull the wool over our eyes in this regard. Others will blame the government for causing these problems or for not taking care of them but we have all had a hand in creating some of the destructive forces and depletion of necessary resources.

“This is not a time for false self-assurances. This is not a time for ambivalence or complacency. It is a time to be aware and observant. Take all of the energy you spend in condemning others, in criticizing governments, in repudiating leaders, and bring this energy, this time and focus to bear upon the changing circumstances of the world.”*

Is This Calling You?

I do not blame you if you want to stop reading right here. This may seem like one of those articles that preaches doom and gloom and terrible times to come. Well, the truth is that my post does bring you a warning. There are very difficult times ahead. But it also brings a blessing to those who are strong of heart and courageous in spirit. These words are meant for YOU. For you, this may resonate within and sound your life’s purpose.

“This message is a gift of love, to alert you, to prepare you, to warn you and to preserve you. Do not consider it as a fearful message. It is like your neighbor coming to tell you that your house is on fire. Would you accuse them of giving you a fearful message, or being based in fear?”*

Can Answering A Call To Life-Purpose Bring Redemption?

What looks to be a very difficult situation, in reality, may have the power of redemption for you. Humanity has created a situation that requires the responsible action of a great many people to resolve it. But who will step up? This will require greater strength and courage than has probably been asked of us in our lives––until now. But it also has the potential to restore our value and self-esteem.

“Here you must find your strength, your courage and your determination. You cannot be weak and helpless, waiting around for someone else to take care of these problems for you. Knowledge will give you the strength, the courage and the determination.

“Here you must build your own ark, and like the great story of the ark, you must build this before the great change comes. For it was not raining when Noah built the ark, and things will not be collapsing around you when you build your ark. But build it you

“Here you must be willing to act when others are not acting. You must decide when others are not deciding. You must let things go when others are not letting things go.”*

No Guarantees––But Do It Anyway

There are no guarantees that humanity will make it. We have dug ourselves a pretty deep pit that we must climb out of. But a New Message from God is in the world and I would say that there has never been a time of greater need than now. Humanity has received Revelations at different times in our history––all from the same God––but we have never faced events that could mean the extinction of our race before. Truly, we have great need for this Revelation.

“It is the Great Love of the Creator at the time of great peril, that makes all of this possible. Even if it seems impossible, even if you cannot see a way, even if everything seems to work against this…” Marshall Vian Summers – The New Messenger: Walking with the Messenger

For those of us who are meant to hear this Calling, the odds against do not deter us. There are many in our world who have been waiting for this Calling––tired of chasing happiness, hopelessly. If you have come to serve a greater purpose in this lifetime, then you will do it anyway. Obviously, the Creator of all life is with us. We need only prepare and lend our spiritual and physical muscle to the Powers of Heaven.

“You do not know how it is going to turn out. But how it is going to turn out really does not matter because you are here to serve the world, and you serve the world without requiring a result. If your service is pure, if it comes from love and compassion, you give because you must give, not because you are assured of an outcome. You do it anyway. – Marshall Vian Summers – The Great Waves of Change: Your Purpose and Destiny in a Changing World

*Unless otherwise noted, all quotes in this publication come from the revelation, Building Your Ark – Marshall Vian Summers

Further Study

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