Ego in Life

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The antidote to an over active mind that tries to take control – another word for the ego in life – is the spiritual practice of Steps to Knowledge. This practice emphasizes stillness and a real accounting of our everyday experience in order to step away from the false messages created by our ego. Ego in LifeOur ego in life can’t define our purpose. We can’t create our life purpose, it is given to us by the Divine before our birth.

The ego likes to believe that it is God and can create anything, but this just isn’t true. Our true purpose is to discover our destiny of where we need to go, who we need to be with and what we need to work on.

The ego in life will try to convince us of it’s plan with brilliant ideas or fantastic schemes, but it must learn to yield. The ego must learn to hear and yield to the divine presence in our lives – which is in everyone’s life.

Beyond the Ego in Life there Lives a Deeper Intelligence

This presence is subtle and yet always there, if we can slow down, still the mind and open ourselves to a sacred life of our spiritual calling which is waiting for us.

Indeed, it takes courage to listen to the subtle voice of knowledge inside us rather than the loud, demanding voices coming from the ego in life, the messages from culture and the demands of our family.

Stretching beyond your own ideas and assumptions and reaching out for something which is greater that transcends them is an act of courage, integrity and commitment to your personal development and to true contribution in life. This is the road to Knowledge. – from Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 4

Learn more about the courage to live an authentic life away from the ego in life that tries to takes us away from true purpose: The New Message on courage and knowledge

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