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A Controlled Fall

To ski is to tilt just enough on a smooth downward slope, assisted by boards and sticks. as to rapidly descend–a controlled fall. Psycho-skiing is any deep contemplation of kenosis, that is, an emptying or unburdening oneself.

“Some people can walk away from a relationship, but they are so bound to their ideas, their beliefs or their assumptions that they are not free to leave them.” (Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 14: What must be avoided?)

Some people can walk away from attachment to persons and yet will still find themselves stick in relationship to the ideas that sabotaged the relationships with other persons. How to release them in order to be free to be in right relationship?  A technique is called for, and there are many disciplines and practices for this. “Psycho-skiing” is to go deep into a spiritual journey, following the norms of discipline as given in a spiritual practice, according to inclination. It does require the courage to fall, to fail, to continue all the way down to the bottom–once committed to the downward path, momentum is hard to correct!

And commitment is required. The path can be one’s own choosing, but once chosen must be followed.

A Metaphor from Tai Chi

psycho-diving for treasure

Within the narrative of the legend of the Tai Chi Monkey are illustrations of the movements in tai chi practice. These images give a contemplative focus for the mind, a focus of no real meaning except to form a vision for the muscles to enact, giving a life and a purpose to the otherwise rote motions. The story is a heroic vision of questing and finding. Late in the series of ordeals is this move that I think of  like going to the very bottom of the ocean to find the drain and seeing that gold keeps it plugged, to only touch it having seen it, to know it is there enough to bounce off that bottom:

The monkey dove intro the water and began an exhaustive search for the sparrow, who was hidden like a needle at the bottom of the sea.

Religion is a gateway; gateways can have gate-openers or they can be closed doors. True religion, the real and pure religious impulse that once captured, solidifies into concrete, quests for the doors until there is the breakthrough called for, though the journey go to the bottom of the sea.

psycho-skiing to the bottom of the ocean

“When you enter the mystery of this, you have to leave behind your fixed beliefs, your ideology. You have to have the strength and faith and courage to do this, or you will be left outside the inner sanctum of the temple. For belief will not bring you to the God of all life. It will take a greater engagement, a more profound engagement, and a life guided by the great endowment, which lives within you right at this moment.” from The Pure Religion:


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Life Purpose Springs From Our Relationship With God

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How Is Relationship Related To Life Purpose?

Is there anything more important to us–humanity–than Relationship? It is what we all dream and scheme about––the perfect relationship. Why is it so important?

“The New Message from God is about relationships. I know this is important to you because most people in the world are inordinately interested in relationships. It’s what they think about, talk about, what gives them joy, what gives them pain… We’re all about relationship because we have come from a place of complete relationship––our Ancient Home.” – Marshall Vian Summers, “Our Relationship With God”

If it is so important to us and we put so much effort and time into it, why do so few people actually find fulfilling relationship here in the world? Perhaps we’ve failed to establish our most primary relationship––our relationship with God.

“You have a relationship with God, and because you are in the world, you are here for a purpose…For you to experience your relationship with God, you must realize that you have come from a place of reality to establish that reality in a place where it has been forgotten and denied. This is your purpose.” – Relationships And Higher Purpose – Marshall Vian Summers

And if you’re like me, in my past life, you’ll think, “Well, nice, I have a relationship with God,” and then shelve it. But––what if this is our most primary relationship and without it we do not really have the foundation for establishing healthy relationships elsewhere? What if the value of relationship––ALL relationship––is based on what we can do together?

My Relationship With God Is About Accomplishing Something–TOGETHER

So our relationship with God is not about an hour at church on Sunday or enlightened conversations with our spiritual friends. No––what if it is about what God and we can do together? So relationship with God is actually about our being called to this world––that is beset by challenges––to take action in service to the world. And our relationship with God makes our service possible as God has endowed us––and all other forms of intelligent life in the universe––with Knowledge, the mind of God deep within us. But it doesn’t end there. We must work to reclaim this relationship with Knowledge. It is the part of us that has never been separated from God—but we have forgotten it. Our contribution to this world relies on the guidance of Knowledge within us.

Therefore, you have come from your Ancient Home to a place of work. Your work in the world is in two arenas. One is the transformation of your experience of yourself and your relationships, and the other is the rendering of your specific contribution to the world. – Relationships And Higher Purpose – Marshall Vian Summers

The Mind Of God Within

I speak here about Knowledge, that mysterious mind beneath the personal mind. This is the mind that we must be still to access, be still to come to know. And our relationship with God depends on providing this still meeting place as the fertile ground for that still, small voice to provide guidance for this life purpose we have come to fulfill. God has also provided the means to reclaim Knowledge given in the form of a book, Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing – Marshall Vian Summers

How Does My Primary Relationship with God Serve My Primary Love Interest in This World?

“If you can see that God is an experience and not merely a grand idea, you will be able to see the connection between your relationship with God and your relationship with others. You will see that your relationship with God enables you to be in relationship with others in a real way. You will see that your devotion to God enables you to be devoted to others…You will see that your capacity to experience the love of God will determine your capacity to experience love with others.” – Relationships And Higher Purpose – Marshall Vian Summers

I’ve Been Burned By Love Too Many Times

Perhaps you have been wounded by relationship and have decided that you will not enter this arena again. However, it is far better to seek healing in this primary relationship as this lays the foundation for all others. It is useless to give up on relationship because life is relationship.

“Your only interest is in relationship. You may believe from your unhappy experiences in attempting communication with others that it is not worth the effort. However, you will never give up.” – Secrets of Heaven, #60 – Marshall Vian Summers


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Great Times Create Great People

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Do I See Signs in My Future?

Many people express concern that there are difficult and challenging times ahead. Whether they foresee an economic crash, an end to easy oil, food shortages, unpredictable weather threatening more and greater disasters…they feel something.

There are actually many problems plaguing our world right now so there is no wonder that people are feeling concern and discomfort. It is good that we are experiencing concern. It means we are awake to signs in our world.

“If you search your heart, rather than appealing to your ideas, you will feel that great change is coming. Perhaps you cannot describe it or define it. Perhaps it is unclear to you. But what it important is you are feeling the movement of change and the impending change in the world.”*

Am I Avoiding What I Know?

Many other people work hard to ignore the signs of coming global challenges, pretending that the world is just as it has always been or technology will find a way to solve these problems. But it is becoming harder to pull the wool over our eyes in this regard. Others will blame the government for causing these problems or for not taking care of them but we have all had a hand in creating some of the destructive forces and depletion of necessary resources.

“This is not a time for false self-assurances. This is not a time for ambivalence or complacency. It is a time to be aware and observant. Take all of the energy you spend in condemning others, in criticizing governments, in repudiating leaders, and bring this energy, this time and focus to bear upon the changing circumstances of the world.”*

Is This Calling You?

I do not blame you if you want to stop reading right here. This may seem like one of those articles that preaches doom and gloom and terrible times to come. Well, the truth is that my post does bring you a warning. There are very difficult times ahead. But it also brings a blessing to those who are strong of heart and courageous in spirit. These words are meant for YOU. For you, this may resonate within and sound your life’s purpose.

“This message is a gift of love, to alert you, to prepare you, to warn you and to preserve you. Do not consider it as a fearful message. It is like your neighbor coming to tell you that your house is on fire. Would you accuse them of giving you a fearful message, or being based in fear?”*

Can Answering A Call To Life-Purpose Bring Redemption?

What looks to be a very difficult situation, in reality, may have the power of redemption for you. Humanity has created a situation that requires the responsible action of a great many people to resolve it. But who will step up? This will require greater strength and courage than has probably been asked of us in our lives––until now. But it also has the potential to restore our value and self-esteem.

“Here you must find your strength, your courage and your determination. You cannot be weak and helpless, waiting around for someone else to take care of these problems for you. Knowledge will give you the strength, the courage and the determination.

“Here you must build your own ark, and like the great story of the ark, you must build this before the great change comes. For it was not raining when Noah built the ark, and things will not be collapsing around you when you build your ark. But build it you

“Here you must be willing to act when others are not acting. You must decide when others are not deciding. You must let things go when others are not letting things go.”*

No Guarantees––But Do It Anyway

There are no guarantees that humanity will make it. We have dug ourselves a pretty deep pit that we must climb out of. But a New Message from God is in the world and I would say that there has never been a time of greater need than now. Humanity has received Revelations at different times in our history––all from the same God––but we have never faced events that could mean the extinction of our race before. Truly, we have great need for this Revelation.

“It is the Great Love of the Creator at the time of great peril, that makes all of this possible. Even if it seems impossible, even if you cannot see a way, even if everything seems to work against this…” Marshall Vian Summers – The New Messenger: Walking with the Messenger

For those of us who are meant to hear this Calling, the odds against do not deter us. There are many in our world who have been waiting for this Calling––tired of chasing happiness, hopelessly. If you have come to serve a greater purpose in this lifetime, then you will do it anyway. Obviously, the Creator of all life is with us. We need only prepare and lend our spiritual and physical muscle to the Powers of Heaven.

“You do not know how it is going to turn out. But how it is going to turn out really does not matter because you are here to serve the world, and you serve the world without requiring a result. If your service is pure, if it comes from love and compassion, you give because you must give, not because you are assured of an outcome. You do it anyway. – Marshall Vian Summers – The Great Waves of Change: Your Purpose and Destiny in a Changing World

*Unless otherwise noted, all quotes in this publication come from the revelation, Building Your Ark – Marshall Vian Summers

Further Study

Your Purpose and Spiritual Calling, Chapter 11 from Relationships and Higher Purpose by Marshall Vian Summers

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Not Right Where You Are Supposed To Be

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“You’re Right Where You Are Supposed To Be”

“Do not ever tell yourself you are just where you [are supposed] to be. That is foolishness. You will never convince Knowledge within yourself.” (The Deep Evaluation June 3, 2008)

Examine within to find that sense of purpose that just knows you are supposed to be somewhere but where?

How to uncover your own destiny by looking for it, seeing it develop, owning up to it and visioning how it will come to pass.

1. Look.

The trapeze artist who is between the two bars–looking to where they are supposed to be.

“You cannot go back where you were, but you have not yet landed where you need to be. You are in between, and things can seem very confusing.” (Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family October 13, 1994)

“You are just becoming honest, to the point where you are no longer lying to yourself and to other people, and to the point where you can see your tendency to do this and can correct it and objectify it within your own experience.” (Courage and the Will to Prepare April 9, 2011)

2. See.

Are you living the life you know you are supposed to be living?

“Your greatest gift is brought forth out of you by life. You prepare for this by becoming very honest and by making important decisions about where you need to be and what you need to do.

“When you put yourself in an environment where life draws from you, this activates your Knowledge. Here something very powerful in you gives, and you feel moved to do something you had not planned to do, and you do not know the consequences. That is when you come alive. That produces a holy day—the day someone fully came alive, the day their Knowledge was activated and their life was given completely in a specific area. That is a holy day.” ( Giving 2 December 12, 1987)

3. Know

Are you where you are supposed to be?

What are you doing? Are you just passing the time trying to stay stimulated, happy and comfortable, or is your time really being invested wisely and appropriately?

These are all very useful questions to help you carry out this deep evaluation. (all from The Awakening October 20, 2008)

  • Are you with the people you really need to be with?

  • Is your work serving your development or supporting your development appropriately?

  • Are your relationships moving in the direction that you really need to move?

  • Do you share a higher purpose with the people you are now associated with?

  • Are you taking care of your mental and physical health appropriately?

  • Are you in the right place with the right people for the right purpose?Right Where You Need To Be

4. Repeat 1, 2, 3.

Reed Summers recaps the process from the perspective of so early in the process, the process is unknown.


“Begin with little things, and build from there—where you live, how you travel, where you work. Are these things going to be able to be sustained into the future? Are you where you need to be geographically? Are you with the people you need to be with? Are you doing the things you really need to be doing right now? Learn how to prepare for a future that will be unlike the past. ” (17 Spiritual New Year Resolutions for 2017)

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I, Me, Mine

Individualism is, of course, highly valued in Western culture. While any true spiritual development starts with the individual, the value of that development is only realized through relationship, through participation.

“There is no power in being an individual. It is a powerless state, for its basis cannot be rejuvenated. You are rejuvenated constantly because you are part of something greater that feeds you.” —Secrets of Heaven: Mystery Teachings of the Angels by Marshall Vian Summers

Bearing Gifts

The value of individualism is in the inherent strengths and weaknesses that each person brings to bear in the world. It is through interdependence that individuals’ qualities generate a whole that exceeds the sum of its parts. “As a Sufi saying goes, each person has a unique note in the universal symphony; no one can strike yours except you.” —The Hidden Gospel by Neil Douglas-Klotz

“Your individual nature and temperament are well-suited to fulfill your function, but if your function is unknown to you, then you will not understand their relevance. […] Gain access to what is known within you, this precious cargo that you carry unknowingly. […] You are progressing towards something for some reason to serve some greater force.” Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume OneChapter 3: “Greater Community”

Some Greater Force

How does this function become known? What is this greater force? Knowledge is the latter. Reclaiming it is the former.

“You cannot activate yourself. You cannot initiate yourself. It takes someone else, a greater force—either through an individual or a greater force in life—to do that. You cannot enlighten yourself. You cannot even take yourself through the essential initiations towards that realization.” Being A Greater Community Person

Context Is Everything                                               

Rarely, if ever, does understanding come in advance of the experience. The individual who is free of past-referencing, free of judgment; who is unburdened of needless relationships and/or possessions can participate in the world with clear eyes and an open heart.

“What brings Knowledge forth is meaningful engagement with others and meaningful participation in life. […] It is when you are meaningfully engaged with others, in relationship with them and in relationship with life, that there is the greatest possibility for Knowledge to emerge within you.” Greater Community Spirituality; Chapter 22: “Where Can Knowledge Be Found?”

Pockets Empty, Heart Full

Each person in the world today is an individual expression of a Greater Reality. It is through the applied study of Steps to Knowledge, the Book of Inner Knowing, by Marshall Vian Summers, that the individual can find purpose, meaning and direction, thus furthering the world in the evolution of its rightful path.

“If you do not activate Knowledge in your life, your life is a lost opportunity. This you will reflect upon when you leave.” Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One

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Stop Obsessing about your Purpose

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If you have the great fortune of being able to consider the question, “What is my purpose in life,” then you are in the top 0.1% of people in the world.

Most people struggle daily to provide for themselves and their family the basics of life: food, water, housing, clothing, education and a little comfort. They don’t have the luxury of considering what the purpose of their life is.

And for those who do have the basics of life securely in grasp, the question of life purpose naturally begins to emerge. Thinking about it constantly, or letting this question delay real action in the world, however, represents a missed opportunity and could lead to self-obsession.

Marshall Vian Summers teaches that this self-obsession can lead to mental illness.

So self-obsession is at the heart of all mental illness. Escaping it, then, in a positive and constructive way is like finding your way out of a jungle that seems to have no possible exit, a dilemma with no resolution, a pursuit with no real and permanent fulfillment. And yet the world prods us, encourages us, to enter into this self-obsession. And the more we have, the more we want and the deeper embedded we can become; the wealthier we are, the more trapped we are. It is like a jungle with no escape, no path leading outward. – Freedom from Self-Obsession

And what relief this is – to give up self-obsession. Instead of constantly thinking of how to be better entertained, how to look better, how to be more popular or how to acquire more possessions, we just look at the world around us and ask: “How can I make it a better place right now? Who needs a helping hand, or even just a smile?” The greatest acts of selfless service in the world often go unnoticed.

This, in my view, is the start of the journey out of the jungle, away from mental illness and towards our life purpose.

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Ancient Greeks and Arete

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The ancient Greeks philosophized that success in life was based upon maximizing one’s potential to leave a lasting legacy in the world.

Aristotle and Knowledge


They used the word arete, or “virtue” to symbolize excellence in life. The man or woman of arete is fully functional, using every aspect of themselves: mind, body and spirit to achieve something of lasting significance in life.

Arete, to the ancient Greeks, was the key to fulfilling one’s life purpose.

Interestingly, the words arete and the greek word for “knowledge” were used almost synonymously. If arete is knowledge, Greek philosophers concluded that the highest human knowledge is knowledge about oneself through stillness and contemplation. Aristotle called contemplation, “the highest human ability and happiness.”

And this is where the New Message teachings on Knowledge, stillness and contemplation may not be so new, except that they are presented in a new, modern context.

More than just a clarification, the New Message reveals that Knowledge is the foundation of all religious and spiritual traditions. The path to discovering our Knowledge was the basis all human philosophies and religions because Knowledge is our connection to our eternal life.

For life here [on Earth] without Knowledge, purpose, meaning and true relationship is miserable, confused and hopeless… The gift of Knowledge was part of all the previous Revelations, but has been lost and obscured through human adoption and misuse. – The Redemption

The truth of inner Knowledge, while not new, has been kept out of reach for millennia from the general public and maintained only for the adept, powerful, or chosen few.

And now the path to Knowledge it is being brought forth anew, in the simplest terms possible that can be translated into any human language. It has been brought again to Earth and is available for free to anyone who feels the call of a life purpose waiting to be discovered in their Knowledge.

Without inner Knowledge, life is essentially hopeless; going from alternating moments of happiness and despair in between long stretches of boredom. With Knowledge, life has purpose, meaning and a real potential to leave a lasting legacy in the world.

The path to arete, the path to Knowledge, lies before you in the meditation guide book Steps to Knowledge:

Steps to Knowledge

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To End Poverty

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Your purpose is to end poverty within yourself and to assist in ending poverty in others, not just physical poverty but spiritual poverty, for that is the root of all human suffering—for the rich, for the poor. – Poverty

To end poverty within yourself

To end poverty in the rich and the poor. From the revelation “Poverty”

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful that I don’t live in physical poverty. But the poverty of the soul still lingers within me.

Just because I have plenty of food to eat, a roof over my head, clothes on my back and endless opportunities for distraction and entertainment, does not mean I have escaped poverty.

Just because I escaped physical poverty doesn’t mean life is all peaches and cream. Why is that?

How is that I have a good job, a loving family, 500 channels on TV, an infinite array of distractions online, and I still feel that something is missing, that there is more to life…

Most of you will not know what I mean. But for some you, this may strike a chord. And if it does, the New Message from God explains this condition of “inner poverty” in a new revelation.

The New Message highlights the inner poverty of my soul. The Poverty of not living with purpose and meaning. Living a life of quiet desperation; working a job and working for very little reward beyond supporting me and my family.

Until you can find the greater voice that God has put within you to follow, you will experience poverty. Even if you have all things that you materially need, you will still be poor. Even if you live in splendor, your life will be empty, without true meaning and direction. – Poverty

This is a deeper poverty that afflicts millions of people. The extreme cases of this inner poverty is seen in addiction, criminal acts, depression and obsessive behavior. It all stems from the same inner poverty, poverty of the soul.

And for those who were less fortunate than me and yet who were still able to escape outer poverty, the New Message states that you will still not be able to escape this inner poverty:

For so many who have escaped abject poverty will then enter a realm of personal exploration and indulgence, personal escape from the harshness of life. They will live in a world of acquisition, a world of seeking romance, a world of fantasy and self-indulgence. What has their wealth, what has their newfound affluence given them but deepening their dilemma now, for now their poverty becomes more hidden, though it still haunts them. – Poverty

Escaping poverty is everyone’s purpose in life – on one level or another. Once we have escaped outer poverty (if you’re reading this, then you have) we are all working toward eliminating inner poverty in ourselves and in others. As the New Message says:

Here everyone has a common purpose. Though your gifts are meant for certain places and people, everyone has a common purpose whether they are religious or not, no matter what country or set of circumstances they come from. – Poverty

That is what we work towards when we quietly contemplate our actions. That is what we work towards when we build relationships of common purpose. That is what we work towards when we help others in real need of food, clothing and shelter.

This is what will end poverty in ourselves and in others. This is what life is really about. This is the only thing that can satisfy our Souls:

If the Soul is not satisfied, nothing will satisfy you. You can own as much as you can hold and more. It will not satisfy you. You will always want more, endlessly wanting more, endlessly, because your Soul is not satisfied. It is an emptiness you cannot fill with things or with romance or with exciting adventures or with endless experiences in the world. It can only be fulfilled by recognizing the deeper intelligence that God has given you, which alone can give you the strength and the purpose to elevate your life and to lead to a greater life of service and fulfillment in the world. – Poverty

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There are no Small Lives, only Small Minds.

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You are in the world for a purpose now, not your purpose, but a purpose that was given to you before you came, a purpose that is related to these times and to the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world.”- The Origin

This was shocking when I read it. I said to myself, “I can’t mold my life to my desires? No way! You mean that my life is dictated by choices that I made before I was born?”

No small lives - only small mindsThis revelation is telling me that the big picture of my life is not in my control. It’s like I’m an actor in a theatrical play where I have lines to say and places to go on a stage, but I can’t change the play itself.

I can say my lines as I hear them. I can move to my own rhythm on this stage of life. But all of this has to be done within the context of the larger play, the larger story in the world. I chose to play this part in this play, according to the revelation.

Similarly, everyone on the planet today is playing a part in this drama called the Great Waves of change, which include the great climate changes and the slow dwindling of our natural resources. We can choose how to live our lives within this great drama, but we can’t escape this bigger movement of the world.

We can choose to pursue this career, and marry this person, but eventually we will have to face the great economic, social and political changes underfoot in the world today. And perhaps that’s not such a bad thing…

“It is the Plan not of your making that will rescue you from the dilemma that has no resolution.” – Secrets of Heaven (Secret #123)

Wait, I have a dilemma too? I thought I made choices before I was born? But the problem is that I can’t remember making that choice. If you’re anything like me, you were born with amnesia of where you came from and why you chose to come to this world.

So, in lieu of remembering and knowing why I am here, I have tried to create a purpose for myself, as most people have tried to do. We have driven ourselves to get a job, to have a family, or to acquire something for ourself or our community. In most cases, these goals are all socially acceptable and lauded.

And if you’re anything like me, once you have the career, or have the family and have the things you want, there is still an emptiness inside that knows it’s not the reason why we’re here.

Finally, there is an explanation for why I felt this way and why millions of others like me have experienced this, too:

Never think that your purpose will arise from what you want for yourself. Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 18

And so, the New Message from God (where all these quotes come from) has rescued me from my own ambition and my own creations in this life. It has brought me closer to myself, as if I have finally found my true self, found myself on solid ground – the solid ground of my true being, the truth of my existence here…

Without a greater destiny and a purpose in the world, you are adrift. Like a speck on the ocean, you are adrift. Even if you have wealth and splendor and seem to be marginally in control of your life, you are still adrift internally. You are a stranger to yourself. You do not know where you have come from or where you are going. You do not know what you are really here to do, despite all of your goals and plans. – The Redemption

There are no small parts, only small actors - StanislavskyAnd so, I have to play the cards that are dealt to me, to all of us. We have to deal with economic decline, political chaos, climates change and social disintegration. I have to live out this drama according to the terms and conditions of the world, not my ideas on the way the World should be.

I don’t have any right to be angry or disappointed by anything in the world. These are simply the lines to be read and the actions to be taken in this script which I did not create. My role is to play this part in this play as well as I can:

Your greater purpose in the world is not your invention, and you cannot come to it on your own terms. It must be revealed to you, and you must be willing for this revelation to take place and to have the patience and the humility to be able to receive this progressively, for you cannot face it all at once. – The Soul

The Method acting teacher Stanislavsky once said there are no small parts, only small actors. The same is true of life: There are no small lives, only small minds.

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More than just an Idea

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I have been meditating for nearly twenty years now. And while it has given me more calm, focus and peace in daily life, I still don’t have a handle on my life’s greater purpose.

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe. But there is also the possibility that I’m doing it right – that one’s life purpose is more than just an idea or a fixed mission.

No, life purpose has to be bigger than our little ideas, and the New Message teaching on “Deepening Your Spiritual Practice” confirms this:

Here the answer [life purpose] is not merely an idea, or an image, or even a vision. The answer is a door that opens, through which you must pass, a journey to take now—not a journey that is governed by your intellect and your assumptions or the traditional beliefs of society, but a journey that is guided by Knowledge.

Here, Knowledge refers to the deeper intelligence beyond the reach of the intellect. Knowledge is eternal and contains the purpose for our being in the world, although it is not influenced by the world:

You were sent here for a greater purpose, and that purpose is kept by Knowledge within yourself, awaiting the time when you would have the maturity and the seriousness about your life to sincerely inquire and to prepare for the emergence of this Knowledge.

And the fact that we have to be ready, willing and able to receive our life purpose makes a lot of sense. Knowledge won’t give us a task it knows we aren’t ready for and can’t complete.

The Journey to Discover Life Purpose

Like climbing a mountain, it is a series of steps and actually a series of thresholds as well, where you have to choose again to keep going, thresholds where you lose heart, or you try to compromise yourself, thinking that what you have is good enough, that you will be satisfied with where you are. But Knowledge will keep you moving up this mountain, for you must climb this mountain to have a clear view of the panorama of your life and of the world, a life and a world you cannot see in the valleys and lowlands below.

Life purpose will not be handed to me on a silver platter. I have to put in the work. I have to maintain the discipline for a daily spiritual practice.

You do not get up a mountain by stumbling around blindly. It takes a real determination and a discovery and application of your greater strength, and a willingness to forgo those attractions and those seductions that have captured your mind and your life before.

My daily spiritual practice includes a meditation guide book called “Steps to Knowledge.” It offers a gentle and yet challenging daily ascent to acquire the vision to see the purpose and destiny of my life. I’m not at the top yet, but I’m getting better through practice.

The Creator of all life has given humanity the Teaching in Steps to Knowledge as a pure pathway to follow. It is not the only pathway in the world, certainly, but it is pure and uncontaminated, and it is extremely powerful. But it requires a daily practice, for whatever you practice on a daily basis, you become very good at.

Life purpose is more than just an idea. It is a feeling of being in the right place, doing the right things, with the right people. How many of us truly feel that way?

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